Monday, April 18, 2016

Jakobsberg and Emilliano's Baptism!

Hej hej! This week has been crazy. Me and Syster Hong packed our bags, cleaned up our apartment and headed for the train station! Sweet Cassi and Melanie came to say goodbye to us and we took some last goodbye pictures with the district. It still feels weird not being in my first area anymore. Sundsvall will always have my heart. ❤

We arrived in Stockholm Central station and there where missionaries EVERYWHERE. Apparently that's how it is on transfer days haha! I saw so many friends and my new companion Syster Adamson. :) She grew up in Texas but moved to St. George, Utah. This is also her last transfer as a missionary before she goes home so I'm going to make it the best for her! ;)

She helped me with my luggage and we arrived to our cute little apartment in Barkarby. Super adorable and tiny and homey. And they have an entire cabinet full of godis so that was incredible. Jakobsberg is so cute and it felt surreal being there. It felt almost as if I left on a mission again, saying goodbye to my family in Sundsvall and not knowing anyone in this new place. ;) Gotta love missions and all the change that happens all the time lol.

Lots of people here speak Spanish too which is really cool! I wish I would of remembered my Spanish from high school but oh well. We went to a Peruvian families house for dinner and they made us these amazing tacos. The mom is going to the temple soon so she is really excited about that and we have been teaching her the temple classes. :) We also met with this amazing guy named Emilliano. He is this 15 year-old boy from Columbia who just walked into church one day and was super interested. Syster May and Adamson taught him everything and he agreed to be baptized!! I was super lucky to get to be in Jakobsberg and witness his baptism. :) Syster May and Syster Wilson in Jönköping got to come too! It was such a fun day. Emilliano has such a light about him and he says the most powerful prayers I have every heard.

While we were kontakting this week too its been hard, because people are a lot more busy here (har bråttom) in Stockholm to talk than they are in Sundsvall lol. But, we came across this one lady who was sitting alone on a bench. We came up to her and started talking to her and we started talking to her about hope and she got very emotional and started crying and telling us some things she went through. I don't even know why but all of a sudden I started bawling too. It was so weird because I only just met her but I had this burning feeling in my heart full of love for her. She said she felt like she could never be loved or forgiven for things she'd done in her life. I assured her that that was not true and that God loves us infinitely no matter what we've gone through in our life. She smiled and said maybe someday she will be Chrisitan again. It was such a powerful experience.

But yeah, it's been such a great first week! We also have bikes so thats super fun. I am getting so pumped for the Swedish Summer holidays coming soon. Valborg and Midsommar!! It will be fun to be able to be with all the Stockholm misisonaries for that. :)

My first Sunday was also great. The cutest couple from China came to church! Their names are Teng and Na. They only knew Chinese so I translated the entire 3 hours of church for them with google translate and they were so happy. :) I had a lot of experience with that in Sundsvall with the Persian speakers so it was a piece of cake. ;) They loved everything and were so interested in the Book of Mormon and asked so many questions.They are so prepared! ❤ I am going to take good care of them. :) Just need to find another Chinese speaker. We set up to meet them this week so I am so excited!

Anyways, its been a good first week and I'm excited to see what else Jakobsberg has in store this next transfer. Lovin' every second of it here. ❤ This really is the best work. Love you all and until next week, hej då för nu. :)
​Hejdå Sundsvall Distrikt. Love you all.
Same Distirkt as Syster McClatchie = TOPPEN!! :)
Emilliano's Baptism.
​First Companion selfie. ;)

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