Monday, April 25, 2016

One year left. :)

Hey again everyone! This week has just gone by so slowly, and quite tiring. It is still so cold too, I thought I got out of Norrland weather but it literally just snowed down here again! What the heck, does summer even exist in Sweden? lol. For P-Day last week me and Syster Adamson decided to hit up IKEA. Adamson never has eaten there before so I insited we get lunch there. :) We got some tradtional köttbullar and explored around and did a little shopping. Det var roligt. :)

We had zone training this week too! Äldste Liddle and Svensson did a great job. It's fun being in Äldste Liddle's zone again, he's the best. We watched the short Little John Tanner Movie and it was SO good. I cried during it. I recommend it to everyone, it should be online somewhere! After, we had this yummy lunch and socialzed for alittle bit with our new zone.

Seriously the days this week went up and down. We had all these Amazing lessons one day and so many nice people coming up to us and talking and then other days where it was just cold and wet and everyone was mean to us and depressing haha. It is so bipolar and hard but we're enduring. ;)

We met up with the cute Chinese people this week too. They seriously are the most adorable people. I just wish I could speak Chinese!! I just wanna talk to them without having to use google translate lol. We crack jokes to eachother now and then. During Church this last sunday Teng wrote to me, 'Take a look at that sleepy old man over there.' We all looked and started cracking up. Love them so much!

We did a lot of swingbys this week too. Down here in Stockholm literally every building is port-coded so that's jobbigt. I make the most of it though and make friends with the neighborhood cats lol. They are everywhere and they lift our spirits. ;)

We had a fun Meet the Mormons night too which was a blast! The Täby systers put it together and all the missionaries in Stockholm were invited and we brought investigators. For fika we had this yummy banana bread with CHOCOLATE CHIPS Hallelujah. They don't sell chocolate chips here so you have to buy them at the black market lol, (same with macaroni and cheese!). Missing my American go-tos haha.

On Sunday we had dinner with the cute senior couple Syster and Äldste Robinson! They made us this yummy White gravy chicken curry and rice. We also did a fun Little scripture chase game with them. They have been on their mission for about 18 months and go home in October. They have been in Jakobsberg the whole time. :) They invited us over again for Italian night in a week so I am stoked for that. They are the sweetest!

All and all, this week was hard not going to lie. I've been feeling a little home-sick and the days have been so draining. I miss my family so much. Even though it's difficult, I'm grateful for it. It's a huge growing experience and I don't care how hard it is, there is nothing that will stop me from sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. No matter how many mean people tear us down, those one or two people who willing to listen are the reason I'm here. I know this is His work and I'm grateful to be apart of it. It's weird to think in exactly one year I will be back home. I'm going to make to most of every single day I have left as a missionary. It's probably the hardest, but most amazing thing I've ever done in my Life. I love you all and thanks for all the support and love you send me. Until next week. Vi ses senare och kommer ihåg att rakna din många välsignelser. :)

Syster Davis
Middag with the Robinsons :)
Little Picture of our Town.
Flower Power.

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