Monday, May 2, 2016

Valborg and Systers Conference!

Hello world!! Wow this week was amazing. It's funny how mood-swingy the weeks are. ;) It was a great recovery from last week! The weather was just beautiful this last week as well. It feels like I'm back at home sometimes its so nice. The weather definitely makes all the difference, its starting to feel like summer. :)

On P-Day all the missionaries in Stockholm decided to meet up at the Mall of Scandinavia! One of the hugest malls I have ever seen. It was such a party and we all went shopping. :) I bought some socks from H&M. Fun fact: They have a home-decor section at the H&Ms here lol.

We got to have a sleepover this week with the Jönköping Systers too! (Syster May and Syster Wilson!) My MTC comp and the Aussie Model! It was such a blast with them. We had a night full of catching up and laughs. They came over to stay the night for Systers Conference the next day!! It's where all the Systers in Sweden gather in Stockholm and have a big meeting and lunch. :)

I can't get over how perfect Systers conference was though. Syster Beckstrand is the cutest human-being and she planned this whole day so special for us. They have it twice a year so I will have two more after this. :) The theme this year was Dr. Seuss!

We went to different rotations and a few of the Senior Systers gave us these great lessons. Syster Watson's got me in tears. It was about how we shouldn't let hard times bring us down. She told us a story about she accidentally dropped her handicapped cousin and she started crying. Her cousin then said, 'It's okay, it doesn't matter how hard we fall,what matters is if we decide to get up, and keep going.' I loved that. It was just what I needed. She also read us, 'Oh the places you'll go' by Dr. Seuss too so that was cute. I gave her a huge hug after.

After our rotations we had an amazing Swedish lunch! The whole room was decorated in the cutest Dr. Suess decorations! We then had another short little meeting and then Syster Beckstrand told us to gather in the other room. She had a pair of crazy socks for all of us and she told us to put them on and we had a mini dance party to Cotton eye'd Joe lol. It was so funny and we all were so awkward because we're just all pinsamt syster missionaries that forgot how to dance hahaha. It was a great day.

As far as normal missionary work it was pretty same old same-old! We met with the cute Teng and Na and called this Chinese translator to help us! :) It went so well. I love them. We met with cute Esther and Loveth this week too. They said they wanted to be baptized! :) So exciting.

Now for the best day this week... VALBORG!! Pronounced vall-bor-ee. :) It is this huge swedish holiday and basically everyone gathers and burns this huge bonfire of stuff! We all got permission to go celebrate it! :) All the misisonaries in Stockholm decided to meet up at the Västerhaningen carnival. I got to see so many missionary friends that I haven't seen in so long. It was so fun and went we got home I kept telling Syster Adamson how fun that was. She was like if you thought that was fun, just wait for Midsommar. :) Ahhh the swedes really know how to do holidays lol.

May started this week too. WHAT THE HECK. The time is flying. Fast Sunday was super good. I sat next to this cute Swedish lady named Brigitta. We bonded on the fact that she served a mini mission in Sundsvall! We also were talking about James Dean and stuff lol. She was so cute. On the way home from church the weather was so nice we decided to walk home and enjoy all the flowers and sun every where. :) I just love life here. We see so many blessings everyday and the Lord just takes care of us to much. Love you and miss you all. Vi ses senare och har en underbar maj. :)

Syster Davis

P.s. Family, eat some cinco de mayo tacos for me! Miss you and can't wait to skype next week.
Systers Conference with my MTC Systers ❤
Dr. Seuss theme.
Jönköping Systers. Love them so much!
Summer flowers! We love Sweden.
My favorite people. :)
​Äldste Scott with his box lol. and Äldste Blackburn
​Beautiful view on our walk home. :) God is good.

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  1. Hey do you know äldste scott? I want to have contact with him! :) im from Gotland
    Tell him to write in facebook "Elina Ahlström Taikon"