Monday, February 27, 2017

Seeing old friends!

Hey this week was great. Monday, me and Syster May went down to stockholm for a short stund and walked down drottningsgatan. So many feels for the times I was there during the summer. Loved being there again. :)

This week we met with Jing and Chi this week too! They made us this yummy fika and we talked about the little things we can do in our life to strengthen our love for God and things to help us endure to the end. Jing said the closing prayer and it was so powerful. Really felt the spirit.

We met with the cute family history lady of Täby also! She was really excited to help us with our research and I was determined to find some swedish family but sadly I couldn't. Tyvärr. Later, me and Syster May went to sweet Azam's so she could cut our hair. I just got a trim but Syster May chopped all her hair off! Woo. That was exciting.

Marimba had us over for a little family home evening stund also with little Angela and Suzanna. :) We drew pictures, ate veggies, and played games and me and Syster May shared a little message afterwards. It was so fun. :) Love them so much.

On Thursday we had distirct meeting and Syster Clouse made us this amazing carrot cake for it. Me and Syster May have been trying to go on diets because we need to prepare but it's just so hard when everyone gives us so much deliciousness... Later we headed down to Västerhaninge to go on splits with Syster Eldrridge and Syster Hale!! :) I was so happy to see my sweet Eldridge again! The last time I saw her was when I was in a tripan with her in Syster Campbell back in Helsingborg. :) I stayed with her in Västerhaninge and Syster Hale went to Täby with Syster May. Me and Syster Eldridge caught up on life and had dinner with these sweet old ladies.

The next day we tried to meet a few people at the church but they blåsted. We couldn't complain though because we could see the beautiful temple from where we were. :) Loved spending the day with my sweet Eldridge again. ❤

Saturday the Assistant's investigator Margereta got baptized! :) She is this sweet old swedish lady. It was a beautiful service and she said she felt wonderful. The Clouses took us and the office to Chopchop after. Love our mini Täby family. Syster May and Äldste Hawkins decided to do a no surgar competition for the rest of the transfer. Whoever loses has to give the other 200kr. We'll see what happens lol.

Sunday a huge miracle happened. Me and Syster May both served in Jakobsberg and used to visit this sweet lady from Thailand named Jai. :) She moved out by Rimbo with her husband Kenneth which is now our area in Täby! We planned to meet her before church but we got lost sunday morning and could not find the bus hållplats due to all this construction. I said a prayer that if we were supposed to meet with them, help us be able to find the right bus. Two seconds after we turn around and the bus we need just pulls up next to us. What the! The Lord blesses us so much haha. We got to visit them, celebrate her birthday, see their cute new yellow house and make it in time for church as well! Great day. :) After church we got to go visit some of Syster May's distant relatives as well! So fun meeting them and they had the cutest little black poodle puppies I had ever seen. One of the daughters was interested in learning more about our beliefs too. :) So cool.

Such a great week! Full of many fun times and laughs with Syster May. :) On the last stretch. Only 50 more days. So wierd. Time needs to slow down! Till next week.

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

​FHE with Marimba and friends. :)

​Cute Täby Relief Society.


​Jai and Kenneth's adorable house!

​Scared to get my hair trimmed

Monday, February 20, 2017

Tjena! Glad Alla Hjärtans dag.

Hej hej. This week was pretty good. Monday Pontus and Suzie took us on a little road trip around Täby and Stockholm! They showed us all these cool spots and got us some gelato. :) We got saffron and pepperkaka flavor. Toppen. For dinner we had a little taco party for Äldste Päärkä's birthday at the office so that was fun. We then went trakting and this nice lady from Denmark invited us in and made us some herbal tea.

This week was Valentines day woohoo! Me and Syster May celebrated with a little Ben and Jerry's for two by candle light haha. It was just weird because I remember last valentines day with Syster Brink in Sundsvall and just talking to all these happy couples in the death cold. Fun times. ;) Seems like yesterday!

We met with this sweet lady named Mabel. We talked about the gospel of Christ and how we can växa our faith. We met with a lot of other great people this week but sadly I don't have time to write everything!

We went on splits this week with the sweet Hägersten Systers! I went to Hägersten with Syster Howlett. :) It was a great time and fun to work with her and meet new people. She is seriously the cutest person. She reminds me of a disney princess because she is so sweet and happy and whenever we would talk to people on the street they would always stop and listen because she just has the softest, most loving spirit and you can just feel it when you talk to her. ;) Love her!

We had a day full of service this week as well! Us and the elders went to go help move all of this furniture out of this house and had a little fika during the job. We then helped this member move around her furniture later in the day. It always feels good serving. :)

Sunday was amazing too! It was ward conference and so many old faces were there. :) Teng was there! and Lincoln and Spencer (former Äldste Archibald and Hemmingson). Literally so fun to see old missionary friends. :) But yeah it was a wonderful sunday! We had dinner with Pontus and Suzie and they were showing me all these Berlin souvenirers they had.

Sorry this is a rushed letter but time is going fast! Love you all and see you very soon. :)

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

​Gelato with Pontus and Suzie

Monday, February 13, 2017

Apple pie and lycka!

Tjena vänner. :) What a week. On Monday we went to the sweet Marimba's house and baked apple pies together! Marimba is the best. She got baptized last year in August and is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She has the cutest daughters as well. :) They had Min Granne Totoro (My Neigbor Totoro) in their little movie collection and I told them how much I loved Studio Ghibli. They were so cute.

The next day we had MLC! (Mission Leader Counsil) It was pretty fun. All the zone leaders and stls from all over come and we get ready for zone training. (This is all more missionary lingo I'm sorry haha). Syster Beckstrand made us some sloppy joes and the assistants gave us some more details about the new missionary scheduale. Syster Beckstrand gave a great bit on Accountablity as well and shared a cool story about how they had some of President Beckstrands Grandfather's old journal entries and some miracles that came form them. So cool. :)

We then took all the information they taught us and planned a whole zone training for the stockholm zone! Well the zone leaders planned most of it but me and Syster May got to do a section on Accountability at the end! That was pretty fun. We talked about the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's and how they wouldn't break their covanent with God because they knew how important it was follow their promise with him. We related it to us as missionaries and how we promised the Lord when we came on a mission to do His will, work hard, and serve others. Sometimes it can be hard but as long as we follow our promises, the Lord will bless us. :) It was a fun zone training. I was a little nervous to teach in front of a whole zone of missionaries but I think it went okay haha.

We visited this sweet Chinese family this week as well. :) Qi, Jing, and their little son Leo. :) Leo so adorable. JIng has been meeting missionaries for a while now and Qi has been a member for a while. :) We talked about the Restoration and Qi said when just felt it was true when she first heard about it.

We went on splits with the Stockholm systers this week as well. :) Syster Wagner came to Täby with me and Syster May went to Stockholm. It was such a fun day. :) Syster Wagner is seriosuly so great. We bothed served in Västra Frölunda so bonded on that and talked about how much we love Syster Heaps. ;) We miss her. We met with lots of people too and had a dinner out in Nörrtälje with the Parker Family! We drove out their with the office elders so that was fun! It was a great day and we switched back later in the evening.

Sunday was wonderful. This guy we met on the street came to church and was really postive so that was fun. :) Me, Syster May, Äldste Päärkä, and Äldste Pack all gave talks at church and we helped with the primary music. :) They were so cute.

It was a great busy week this week. :) Me and Syster May just love eachother. We can't really fathom how much time we have left. It has been so fun being with my sweet MTC comp again and seeing how much we have both learned and grown since day one. :) Our moms both met eachother at home so that was cute. Ahh life is good! Until next week. :)

Syster Davis


Monday, February 6, 2017

That TÄBY life

Well everyone, it has been crazy. Monday I packed up all my belongs and said goodbye to some great people. Me and Syster Heaps had a fun last P-Day together. Seriously gonna miss that girl so much! We've had the best transfer together and I can't believe how fast the time went. Time goes so quick when you're having fun. :) We then had a trevlig middag hos the Angelini's and went to the YSA center FHE with Hasib! It was great to see everyone one last time and Hasib wrote in my book in Bengali so that was legit haha. What a dream this place as been! Missions are the best.

Tuesday we had another jammed back day of goodbyes! Felix took all us missionaries out for Thai food so that was fun! Our investigator Mehdi then took us out to fika too. :) We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it's the little things like faith and repentance and sacrament that build us up little by little. He agreed to be baptized. :) What a guy, gonna miss him. We then said goodbye to sweet Marie who was showing us all these pictures of her childhood! Such a treat. Gonna miss Marie and our deep talks with her. She brightens our day with her stories and life advice and her cool cats. ;)

The day of transfers finally arrived and I got all my stuff and the sweet Watsons drove us to the train station. Syster Watson gave me a little goodiebag with treats and gave me the biggest hug. Love them with all my heart. Said goodbye to Syster Heaps too which was pretty sad. :( That's probably the hardest thing about missions, so many goodbyes all the time. So hard. I hopped on the train to Stockholm! Looking out the window of the train and looking at the beautiful country always makes me emotional haha. Teared up a bit and thought how weird it was that this could be my last long-term train ride as a missionary. So many feels.

After a long train ride, the Jakobsberg Systers (Syster Wilson and Syster Shin) came and helped me and Syster May with all our lugagge! During all the hussle and bussle this hobo lady literally fell on my when the brake jerked really hard on the train. She ran out the very next stop...hmm sketchy, I looked down and realized the phone was gone out of my pocket..Fyy. :( We got to Täby centrum and had no idea how to get to our apartment and had no phone to call for help so we asked this random guy to borrow his phone and the office elders came to the rescue! :) The guy who let us borrow his phone said he was actually intersted to meet sometime so maybe that was the reason we lost our phone haha! We got settled in and read the cute area report the previous systers wrote for us. Me and Syster May are stoked to be together again. :) We laughed how usually when we get a new comp the first day is usually getting-to-know eachother day and we already knew eachother. ;)

The first few days were pretty rough without a phone but we explored our new area and talked to lots of people. We had district meeting at the office and it was weird being back in the same district I was 6 months ago! Fun to be back and to meet all these new people. :)

Church was just wonderful as well. After a long week of travelling, tears, excitement, new horizons, and new people, everything seemed to come together at church. :) Täby ward is darling! Everyone was so welcoming and happy that me and Syster May were here. They welcomed us in and it was fun to even see some old friends I knew from when I served in Jacoksberg. :) 4 people we talked to on the street came to church too so that was fun! Life has been great so far here in the town of Täby. So many great adventures ahead of us and just enjoying these last few months as a missionary. Trying not to think about how little time I have left but always so excited of the thought of seeing and hugging my family again. :) Making every second count då!

Hope you all have a great week and till next time. :)

Syster Davis

​The Angelinis. Bäst.

Täby C. Our only kontakting life

​View from my desk. :) (and my godis fix)

Täby Kapellet!

​Visiting Alam på sjukhuset