Monday, February 13, 2017

Apple pie and lycka!

Tjena vänner. :) What a week. On Monday we went to the sweet Marimba's house and baked apple pies together! Marimba is the best. She got baptized last year in August and is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She has the cutest daughters as well. :) They had Min Granne Totoro (My Neigbor Totoro) in their little movie collection and I told them how much I loved Studio Ghibli. They were so cute.

The next day we had MLC! (Mission Leader Counsil) It was pretty fun. All the zone leaders and stls from all over come and we get ready for zone training. (This is all more missionary lingo I'm sorry haha). Syster Beckstrand made us some sloppy joes and the assistants gave us some more details about the new missionary scheduale. Syster Beckstrand gave a great bit on Accountablity as well and shared a cool story about how they had some of President Beckstrands Grandfather's old journal entries and some miracles that came form them. So cool. :)

We then took all the information they taught us and planned a whole zone training for the stockholm zone! Well the zone leaders planned most of it but me and Syster May got to do a section on Accountability at the end! That was pretty fun. We talked about the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's and how they wouldn't break their covanent with God because they knew how important it was follow their promise with him. We related it to us as missionaries and how we promised the Lord when we came on a mission to do His will, work hard, and serve others. Sometimes it can be hard but as long as we follow our promises, the Lord will bless us. :) It was a fun zone training. I was a little nervous to teach in front of a whole zone of missionaries but I think it went okay haha.

We visited this sweet Chinese family this week as well. :) Qi, Jing, and their little son Leo. :) Leo so adorable. JIng has been meeting missionaries for a while now and Qi has been a member for a while. :) We talked about the Restoration and Qi said when just felt it was true when she first heard about it.

We went on splits with the Stockholm systers this week as well. :) Syster Wagner came to Täby with me and Syster May went to Stockholm. It was such a fun day. :) Syster Wagner is seriosuly so great. We bothed served in Västra Frölunda so bonded on that and talked about how much we love Syster Heaps. ;) We miss her. We met with lots of people too and had a dinner out in Nörrtälje with the Parker Family! We drove out their with the office elders so that was fun! It was a great day and we switched back later in the evening.

Sunday was wonderful. This guy we met on the street came to church and was really postive so that was fun. :) Me, Syster May, Äldste Päärkä, and Äldste Pack all gave talks at church and we helped with the primary music. :) They were so cute.

It was a great busy week this week. :) Me and Syster May just love eachother. We can't really fathom how much time we have left. It has been so fun being with my sweet MTC comp again and seeing how much we have both learned and grown since day one. :) Our moms both met eachother at home so that was cute. Ahh life is good! Until next week. :)

Syster Davis


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