Monday, February 20, 2017

Tjena! Glad Alla Hjärtans dag.

Hej hej. This week was pretty good. Monday Pontus and Suzie took us on a little road trip around Täby and Stockholm! They showed us all these cool spots and got us some gelato. :) We got saffron and pepperkaka flavor. Toppen. For dinner we had a little taco party for Äldste Päärkä's birthday at the office so that was fun. We then went trakting and this nice lady from Denmark invited us in and made us some herbal tea.

This week was Valentines day woohoo! Me and Syster May celebrated with a little Ben and Jerry's for two by candle light haha. It was just weird because I remember last valentines day with Syster Brink in Sundsvall and just talking to all these happy couples in the death cold. Fun times. ;) Seems like yesterday!

We met with this sweet lady named Mabel. We talked about the gospel of Christ and how we can växa our faith. We met with a lot of other great people this week but sadly I don't have time to write everything!

We went on splits this week with the sweet Hägersten Systers! I went to Hägersten with Syster Howlett. :) It was a great time and fun to work with her and meet new people. She is seriously the cutest person. She reminds me of a disney princess because she is so sweet and happy and whenever we would talk to people on the street they would always stop and listen because she just has the softest, most loving spirit and you can just feel it when you talk to her. ;) Love her!

We had a day full of service this week as well! Us and the elders went to go help move all of this furniture out of this house and had a little fika during the job. We then helped this member move around her furniture later in the day. It always feels good serving. :)

Sunday was amazing too! It was ward conference and so many old faces were there. :) Teng was there! and Lincoln and Spencer (former Äldste Archibald and Hemmingson). Literally so fun to see old missionary friends. :) But yeah it was a wonderful sunday! We had dinner with Pontus and Suzie and they were showing me all these Berlin souvenirers they had.

Sorry this is a rushed letter but time is going fast! Love you all and see you very soon. :)

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

​Gelato with Pontus and Suzie

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