Monday, March 28, 2016

Glad Påsk!

Nämen hej. :) Man this week was so fun. It started with us hopping on a 3 hour train down to Stockholm for Zone Conference! We decided to spend our P-Day down there and do some sight seeing. Stockholm is GORGEOUS! Reminds me of what New York City would be like. Stockholmska (the dialect) is beautiful also. I got to see my amazing trainer Syster Brink, my MTC comp Syster May, my favorite Syster Svensson, the new Systers, Äldste Moultron, Liddle, and Bentson. Well, lets just say I saw a lot of people so sorry if I forgot to add you. :) Love you all!

We stayed with the sweet Gubänggen Systers for the night and then had Conference the next day. It was such a great meeting. We talked about learning the language and the gift and tongues. We had this yummy lunch for intermission and we sat with Äldste Bentson and caught up on life. The food at conferences are the best. After we had another meeting and Syster Beckstrand gave this amazing talk on strengthening our personal relationship with the Lord. At the end they showed this slideshow with pictures of all our families at home and we all just started bawling! Did not see that one coming haha. We then had to sing 'Famlies can be together forever' right after and we could barely get the words out we were crying so much lol.

We had to run to our train back to good ol Sundsvall and bid farewell to Stockholm! It was a great trip! The Syster Training Leaders came and did splits with us too so that was fun! We got some Sushi and ICA salad and knocked on lots of doors.

We met this funny lady named Gloria this week too. She was born in Peru but is pure Japanese and only speaks Swedish, French, and Spanish. We found her name and address in an old pile of names and decided to go swing by her house and see how she was doing. We knocked on her door and she let us right in! She was saying she isn't very interested just nu but maybe later. We then asked if we could show her a short Easter Video? And she was know about you just stay for dinner?! We happily agreed and we had the yummiest seafood casserole ever! We took some selfies with her afterward and showed her the new easter video. She kept saying 'Whiskey!' when we were taking the picture so we snuck a little video of it. ;) She is just the cutest. By the end she was so grateful we came by and kept thanking us.

We had Påsk this week too! (Easter!) It was such a party. The amazing Öhgren Family invited 20 of us over and had an Påsk ägg hunt. It was one of the best easters ever. :) We had a huge feast after and played lots of games together. They had to most gorgeous view from their balcony top too. Me, Syster Hong, Celine, and Cassie sat on the balcony swing and had girl talk. It was such a great day.

Påsk Söndag was just as wonderful. We had a nice Easter meeting and talked a lot about the Resurrection. I got to translate Relief Society for sweet Shirin too since she only knows Persian. Google translate is a life-saver. ;) And not very accurate at times but its better than nothing lol.
We then went home and did some weekly planning and called and set some appointments up. It was such a fun successful week.

Seriously, being a missionary is one of the best things ever. It's probably the hardest, most tiring, but funnest, most rewarding thing I have every done in my life. :) So grateful for the gospel especially now in this crazy world we live in. Happy we got to celebrate Påsk this weekend and remember the Savior! So pumped for conference this week too. Wish you all the best April och vi ses nästa vecka. 'På grund av honom, kan vi leva igen.' :)

Syster Davis
Pask Fest!
Us and Gloria
Us with little crazy Sara
​Öhgrens Balcony

Monday, March 21, 2016

Lovin' Life

Hey again! This week was same old same old. For P-Day all us missionaries gathered at the church and had a movie night (aka Mormon Messages or approved missionary It was fun. We all contributed to a huge table of junk food. We brought the Kladkaka and chicken nuggets. ;) It was soo warm this week too. It was a nice high 54 degrees and the sun was shining and I didn't even have to wear my huge jacket! Everyone was in stan tanning in the sun haha. So excited for the summer weather! We also went to go visit this one old lady investigator who was 'just flabbergasted to pieces' to meet lol. She spoke fluent spanish so her and Syster Hong chatted the whole time. I LOVE hearing spanish, it reminds me of home a little bit. They were like sorry we're only speaking spanish...and I was like ingen fara keep it coming I love hearing it! Right before we left she showed us her huge air-soft gun collection hahaha. Me and Syster Hong got to road trip to visit Härnösand this week too! We drove an hour out to meet with this nice guy who was so excited and insisted to meet and when we arrived, he never answered... It was a bust. On the bright side we got to see the gorgeous Härnösand. I took lots of pictures! This week was so fun with the youth in the branch as well. Us missionaries put on a mini MTC for mutual for them. We had different stations and they all got different pretend mission calls. We had Innebandy this week again too. :) It's my new favorite sport! We also hung out with Cassie and Celine this week. They are the sweetest ever. We got Thai food together and found this cool park thing and started swinging on this weird swing thing lol. Mots Kartanen also just back from his mission in Finland so we all went to his open house together! Celine's little sister Sara was jumping all over us and trying to do a swedish rap battle with Syster Hong. Sunday was awesome too. We had a lot of investigators in church so that's always fun. We sang in the choir again and had dinner with the Stegaby's too. :) We talked to some people on the street too on the way home. It was such a rough crowd. The first guy we talked to cussed us out and the second pair of guys said they were Christian! We were like 'Hej hej! Its fun meeting other Christians here in Sweden.' And they were just basically like, 'You're corrupt. What you're doing won't save you.' And lots of more stuff like that haha. We were just like what the heck we both believe in Christ why do you have to be rude. They were interesting. All and all this week was great. :) Never ever letting the haters bring us down. ;) I feel honored everyday being persecuted for Christ. He is the reason we're even here and I will always stand up for Him! I can see him blessing us everyday. Lovin' life so much and hope you all are too. Have a great Easter this coming Sunday. Jag älskar er så mycket och jag hoppas all är underbar. :) Vi ses senare! Kärlek Syster Davis
Beautiful Härnösand. Random buldings haha.
​Me and Hong.
Swinging with Cassie.
Selfie with my girl Celine.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Innebandy and the Mean Librarian!

Hej hej allihopa! This week has been good. Me and Syster Hong have just been loving life! The sun is starting to come out and the snow is melting so that's a blessing. :) For P-Day last week I gave Hong some more Sundsvall tours and we got some lunch at Expresso House.

We met some nice people this week too. This one dude we met at the library was athiest and said he was only interested in how we learn Swedish so fast. We talked to him about our språk study and that we said we believe God helps us mostly. ;) He chuckled. He then asked us what would be our reaction if our faith was not real? I said well, I guess I would be devastated because it's brought me so much happiness. I then asked the question back at him and said what he would do if he found out God was real? He was like hmmm, I would be like 'What the heck!!' haha. He was funny.

This week a lot of people 'Hade bråttom' (In a hurry) on the streets and didn't want to talk to us. It was rough and one night I said a prayer that we could just find one person that was interested. The very next day we talked to three people who switched numbers with us! :) Prayers work haha. I feel like the weather effects people tremendously as well. The dark cold gloomy days no one wants to talk and the sunny bright happy days everyone is at least nice to have a short conversation with us. ;)

We met with this investigator at the library this week too and this old librarian came up to us and was like 'We're closing soon.' And we like okay. :) She then turned around and was like 'Oh, one more thing. I know everyone is allowed to come here but if it were up to me, you guys would not be welcomed here. No one wants to listen to your crap and you're wasting your time being missionaries here. Just something to think about.' I was shocked it was so mean. Our investigator was shocked too. Sass here in Sweden I tell ya...

We got to go up to Umeå this week for Zone Training as well so that was fun! The Beckstrands were there and they made us this yummy lunch! We got to watch the new Påsk (Easter) Film. :)

During the weekend we set up branch Innebandy! It was the first time I've played it and its so fun! It's like hockey without the ice. I can't remember the last time I played sports probably when I was at the MTC! It was a blast and we all got Big Boy's after for lunch.

Sunday was great me and Syster Hong taught Sunday school with a totally of three people there. ;) It was great nonetheless! We taught about Andevärlden, (The Spirit World) and how big of a blessing it is. We then had Sunday dinner with Mattias and Jennifer Larsen's family. They have the cutest kids! Cute little Casper was showing us all his Rubix Cubes and he had one that was huge!! Like 100by100 or something. We showed them the new Easter film too.

It was an overall great week. Shout out to all my friends who recently started missions! I've been thinking about you all a lot. In fact I think about all my friends on missions and it makes me happy all the sacrifices you all are making! Missions really are the best and I love hearing about the adventures you guys are having! Love you all and talk to you next week. :)

Syster Davis
​Norrland Zone in Umeå!
Getting a tan in the sun.
​Norrtåg party with the District.

Monday, March 7, 2016

First week with Syster Hong!

March is here! We packed up all on Syster Brink's stuff and took her to the train station. As we stood at the door of our apartment for the last time, we just stared at each other and both burst into tears. We said our last prayer together and gave the biggest hug. We've been through so much together and I can't believe our little adventure together is over. Can't wait to see her again at Syster's Conference! Love you Brink. :)

This week has been a BLAST with my new companion Syster Hong!! :) She is from Arkansas and has been on her mission for 14 months. She is just hilarious too and I already love her! It was fun showing her all around Sundsvall and getting her familiar with the beautiful city. Just when when I thought it was getting warm too the blistering cold and snow made its return lol.

I showed her the hälsa steg (health path) me and Syster Brink always walked on, while we talked to people. I also showed her the cute hipster Sundsvall University as well. We had a lot of lessons this week too so that was fun! Some blåsts but whatever happens to every missioanry haha. We have already had so many laughs together too. It's gonna be such a fun transfer. :)

We had distrikt möte with the new district too. It's always fun getting to know new people. That's my life everyday. We all got lunch at the yummy pizza place called Play Pizza. Så gott! We met up with sweet Lisa Graström at Navet too and chatted with her and Maxime for alittle bit. For weekly planning we went to Hemmakväll and stocked up on snacks and godis.

I got a package from my sweet Aunt Stacy too this week so that was nice! Thank you Stacy!! :) Love and miss you! A letter is on your way. ;)

Söndag was great too! It was fast and testimony meeting. Seriously my favorite Sunday of the month. All these sweet kids went up and shared their heart and souls. It was hard not to tear up. I never want to leave this place!! These people are some of the greatest people I have ever met. When we got home we decided to make some homemade chicken fettchini alfredo. It was toppen and it reminded us of Olive Garden. ;)

I've been reading Jesus the Christ this week a lot too. I love learning about the Savior's life in detail. I'm learning so many things I have never thought of before and I love every second of being a missionary for Him. :) Even when it is hard, I just remember the things he went through, and remember I am not alone in this!

Hope you all have a fun March and Vi ses senare. :)

Syster Davis

Kontakting in the freezing cold = mean people lol.
Missionary in the Ghetto.
First Sunday with Syster Hong!
Our cute little church building.