Monday, March 21, 2016

Lovin' Life

Hey again! This week was same old same old. For P-Day all us missionaries gathered at the church and had a movie night (aka Mormon Messages or approved missionary It was fun. We all contributed to a huge table of junk food. We brought the Kladkaka and chicken nuggets. ;) It was soo warm this week too. It was a nice high 54 degrees and the sun was shining and I didn't even have to wear my huge jacket! Everyone was in stan tanning in the sun haha. So excited for the summer weather! We also went to go visit this one old lady investigator who was 'just flabbergasted to pieces' to meet lol. She spoke fluent spanish so her and Syster Hong chatted the whole time. I LOVE hearing spanish, it reminds me of home a little bit. They were like sorry we're only speaking spanish...and I was like ingen fara keep it coming I love hearing it! Right before we left she showed us her huge air-soft gun collection hahaha. Me and Syster Hong got to road trip to visit Härnösand this week too! We drove an hour out to meet with this nice guy who was so excited and insisted to meet and when we arrived, he never answered... It was a bust. On the bright side we got to see the gorgeous Härnösand. I took lots of pictures! This week was so fun with the youth in the branch as well. Us missionaries put on a mini MTC for mutual for them. We had different stations and they all got different pretend mission calls. We had Innebandy this week again too. :) It's my new favorite sport! We also hung out with Cassie and Celine this week. They are the sweetest ever. We got Thai food together and found this cool park thing and started swinging on this weird swing thing lol. Mots Kartanen also just back from his mission in Finland so we all went to his open house together! Celine's little sister Sara was jumping all over us and trying to do a swedish rap battle with Syster Hong. Sunday was awesome too. We had a lot of investigators in church so that's always fun. We sang in the choir again and had dinner with the Stegaby's too. :) We talked to some people on the street too on the way home. It was such a rough crowd. The first guy we talked to cussed us out and the second pair of guys said they were Christian! We were like 'Hej hej! Its fun meeting other Christians here in Sweden.' And they were just basically like, 'You're corrupt. What you're doing won't save you.' And lots of more stuff like that haha. We were just like what the heck we both believe in Christ why do you have to be rude. They were interesting. All and all this week was great. :) Never ever letting the haters bring us down. ;) I feel honored everyday being persecuted for Christ. He is the reason we're even here and I will always stand up for Him! I can see him blessing us everyday. Lovin' life so much and hope you all are too. Have a great Easter this coming Sunday. Jag älskar er så mycket och jag hoppas all är underbar. :) Vi ses senare! Kärlek Syster Davis
Beautiful Härnösand. Random buldings haha.
​Me and Hong.
Swinging with Cassie.
Selfie with my girl Celine.

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