Monday, March 28, 2016

Glad Påsk!

Nämen hej. :) Man this week was so fun. It started with us hopping on a 3 hour train down to Stockholm for Zone Conference! We decided to spend our P-Day down there and do some sight seeing. Stockholm is GORGEOUS! Reminds me of what New York City would be like. Stockholmska (the dialect) is beautiful also. I got to see my amazing trainer Syster Brink, my MTC comp Syster May, my favorite Syster Svensson, the new Systers, Äldste Moultron, Liddle, and Bentson. Well, lets just say I saw a lot of people so sorry if I forgot to add you. :) Love you all!

We stayed with the sweet Gubänggen Systers for the night and then had Conference the next day. It was such a great meeting. We talked about learning the language and the gift and tongues. We had this yummy lunch for intermission and we sat with Äldste Bentson and caught up on life. The food at conferences are the best. After we had another meeting and Syster Beckstrand gave this amazing talk on strengthening our personal relationship with the Lord. At the end they showed this slideshow with pictures of all our families at home and we all just started bawling! Did not see that one coming haha. We then had to sing 'Famlies can be together forever' right after and we could barely get the words out we were crying so much lol.

We had to run to our train back to good ol Sundsvall and bid farewell to Stockholm! It was a great trip! The Syster Training Leaders came and did splits with us too so that was fun! We got some Sushi and ICA salad and knocked on lots of doors.

We met this funny lady named Gloria this week too. She was born in Peru but is pure Japanese and only speaks Swedish, French, and Spanish. We found her name and address in an old pile of names and decided to go swing by her house and see how she was doing. We knocked on her door and she let us right in! She was saying she isn't very interested just nu but maybe later. We then asked if we could show her a short Easter Video? And she was know about you just stay for dinner?! We happily agreed and we had the yummiest seafood casserole ever! We took some selfies with her afterward and showed her the new easter video. She kept saying 'Whiskey!' when we were taking the picture so we snuck a little video of it. ;) She is just the cutest. By the end she was so grateful we came by and kept thanking us.

We had Påsk this week too! (Easter!) It was such a party. The amazing Öhgren Family invited 20 of us over and had an Påsk ägg hunt. It was one of the best easters ever. :) We had a huge feast after and played lots of games together. They had to most gorgeous view from their balcony top too. Me, Syster Hong, Celine, and Cassie sat on the balcony swing and had girl talk. It was such a great day.

Påsk Söndag was just as wonderful. We had a nice Easter meeting and talked a lot about the Resurrection. I got to translate Relief Society for sweet Shirin too since she only knows Persian. Google translate is a life-saver. ;) And not very accurate at times but its better than nothing lol.
We then went home and did some weekly planning and called and set some appointments up. It was such a fun successful week.

Seriously, being a missionary is one of the best things ever. It's probably the hardest, most tiring, but funnest, most rewarding thing I have every done in my life. :) So grateful for the gospel especially now in this crazy world we live in. Happy we got to celebrate Påsk this weekend and remember the Savior! So pumped for conference this week too. Wish you all the best April och vi ses nästa vecka. 'På grund av honom, kan vi leva igen.' :)

Syster Davis
Pask Fest!
Us and Gloria
Us with little crazy Sara
​Öhgrens Balcony

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