Monday, April 4, 2016

I love you Sundsvall.

Hey again everyone! This was a good week. Last P-Day was a very crafty day. We decided to bring all our swedish liohonas to the church and make scripture cases for our skrifter! We all cut out cute swedish phrases and glued them on to our boxes. Äldste Frankman just put a bunch of old ladies on his case to be funny lol so creepy. We also had a cereal party and ate tons of cereal!

It was a pretty sad week too though because I had to say goodbye to some really good friends. Sadly, I am leaving Sundsvall next week. Syster Hong got a training call last night so that means she's going to be training a cute little greenie up here! So excited for her! This means I'm getting the boot. So ledsen. Sundsvall has been so good to me these past 4 months and I couldn't imagine starting anywhere else. :) I'm so excited to see where I'll be going next! I find out this Saturday so I will keep you all posted next P-Day.

We had a few crazy lessons this week too. This one guy we taught wanted us to basically show God to him. We were like, 'uhh, sorry we can't do that haha.' And he was like well then he's not real. He told us he would only believe if his pillow started floating and letters started writing on it that God was real. We taught him about the holy ghost and prayer but he kinda just was playing devils-advocate to everything we said haha. He was nice though nonetheless.

We also brought some peeps from my family's Easter package to this sweet little girl in the ward who loves American things! She was super happy and grateful.

April fools day was this week as well. ;) We met up with Cassie and Celine and brainstormed what we could do to the elders while we talked to people on the street. We came up with a few funny things and as we went back to our apartment to get some things,we found them already in our apartment with our spare key pulling a pranking us!! Caught them red-handed! haha. It was funny.

This week was Äldste Frankman's year mark too so we had a mini bonfire outside of the church and roasted korv for dinner. He also burned a white shirt (misisonary tradition). It was so fun and reminded me of the good ol days back when I had bonfires at home.

Saturday and Sunday were just wonderful as well. We had General Conference at the church and had fika with the members between sessions. I had a mini panic attack because I couldn't find my bus card anywhere. I thought I dropped it somewhere in town or something. I said a mini prayer and we retraced our steps all the way back home. We got home and I looked everywhere and it was no where to be found. Syster Hong was then like is it in any of your pockets? And I was like no I don't think so. I looked through all my laundry and it was right there in my sweats pocket! Wooo! Prayer answered haha. Later in conference there was a talk about a family that lost their car keys and me and Syster Hong looked at eachother and chuckled. ;)

It was great watching the morning sessions of conference live though! It was cool knowing my family was watching at the same time as us. It made it just that more special. :) My favorite talks were Uchtdorfs (as always ;)) and President Tomas S. Monson's quoting Alice and Wonderland. Everytime they talked about missionaries too I got chills. You could feel them really talking to us, it was incredible.

Anyways I love you all and hope you all had a fun Spring Break and General Conference week! I'm not sure if I'll be on next week because a member is taking all us missionaries sight-seeing our last P-Day before transfers! Hope you all have a great week och jag är så tacksam för evangeliet och hur mycket det välsignar vårt livet. Jag är tacksam att jag kan vara en missionär i det här vackert land. Vi ses snart. :)
Syster Davis
Spring has sprung! (with snow still on the floor lol)
Saying Goodbye to our best friend Patrik from Lund.

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