Monday, January 30, 2017

It's been good Göteborg!

Hejsan vänner. :) This week was quite the eventful one. On Monday we had a fun dinner with our friend Joey Ocasio! He is a member in Helsingborg and happened to be here for work so we met up and he brought a little package his daughters made for us. So sweet. We got some spanish food which was amazing. He was telling all about his mission in London! So good to catch up and hear about Helsingborg too. Miss that place so much.

This week was special because we had Specialized zone training! The Jönköping sisters came and stayed the night with us and we got to the church early to help the Watsons make the lunch.
The Beckstrands and the Assistants came down to Frölunda to present to our zone the new 2017 standard of excellence and new mission schedule. There were many big changes! Later in the evening we all watched the missionary world-wide broadcast which talked about how the indicators would be cut down to only 4. We all looked at the Beckstrands because we had this whole training about all the indicators, and now we wouldn't have them haha. We all just chuckled and president Beckstrand held up the key indicator bookmark and said, 'You can all just keep this as a souvenir then! ;)' Haha Kind of excited for all these mission changes. I know all this missionary terminology probably sounds confusing to you all so sorry for that lol.

The next day we got back to the streets and talked to some peeps. We met with Yunlong later and Mattias came and helped us teach! We pulled out the dop calendar and he agreed to be baptized! So exciting. :) We had a dinner with sweet Rachel later in the evening and she made us this delicious potato casserole! She kept giving us swedish tips and we kept telling her all our favorite swedish words. One of them was, 'typ' (which means 'kind of') and she thought it was funny that we liked that word so much so she kept saying it and then winking at us. ;) She is the best.

The next day was our friend Marie's birthday so we took her out to lunch! We went to this burrito place called Tomtoms and it was to die for! Soo good. Mette and Tom had us over later that night too and Mette was showing us her maybe soon-to-be artsy knitting business on instagram. She seriously is the cutest thing ever. I told her I'd be ordering some sweaters when I got home. ;) As we were heading home, our phone rang and it was President Beckstrand! Oh no. Haha we had a feeling he would be calling us...He told us some crazy news that I would be moving to Täby next week with the one and only Syster May!! My MTC comp. :) Syster Heaps would be staying in Göteborg and I would be having another 1 transfer area. Crazy crazy!! We were so shocked and not at the same time. Sad to leave Göteborg but so stoked to be with Syster May again. :) It's gonna be great!

We went to IKEA for brunch with the zone for one last hälsning before we all would transfer and everyone was shocked I was leaving again lol. The Watsons were like, 'What the?! You can't leave already!' Gonna miss them soo much. And everyone! This seriously has been a dream area.

Sunday was great too, the last one in Göteborg. It was legendary. ;) Said goodbye to many great friends and took some pictures. We went trakting after church and this nice old swedish lady couldn't stop smiling when we told her we were here to teach people about Christ. She said she couldn't believe people our age actually believed still. She said we could happily come back next week. People like that are so worth all the rejection!! :) We then headed to the Andersson family for dinner. Makayla is from Berlin Germany and the dad is from Sweden! They have the cutest little son who they speak, English, German, and Swedish to. So cool he'll be a multilingual kid.

Anywho, it has been a great transfer and holiday season here in VF. I will never forget the people I have met here and all the fun times we've had together. I love this work and I will go wherever the Lord wants me to go. :) Life is grand and until next week!

Med kärlek,
Syster Davis

​Göteborg crew

​Ikea brunch

​Specialized zone training

​Gonna miss my Syster Heaps

​And Tim

Monday, January 23, 2017

God is good, all of the time.

Hej hej. :) Monday was great. Syster Heaps and I did a little arts and crafts and we dyed her hair! I trimmed it and she dyed in dark brown. Looked super cute. :) Later we played some Innebandy at the church for Äldste Nelson's birthday. We had some kladkaka icecream and sang happy birthday to him! We then finished the day with some fun contacting. This drunk guy was the only nice one who wanted to talk to us. Typiskt.

We met with our favorite Marie this week as well. We helped her take down her christmas decorations and talked about her fun 25 years working for SJ (train company in sweden) She told us it was the best seeing missionaries on transfer day everywhere with all their luggage.

The next day we had a few lessons but they got blåsted (canceled). So instead we got some swedish tips from the member who was gonna to help us with our lesson! The Watson's were there too and said they have noticed how exhausted we looked and they told us to sit down for a minute and eat some grilled-cheese and soup. ;) They are the best. Seriously they are our mission parents here in Göteborg. :)

We had a really solid lesson with this week as well with the help of Fabrice again! Our investigator only knew French so Fabrice translated the entire lesson back and forth from us to him, from him to us. It was funny when he got it mixed up at times and started speaking french to us and english to our investigator. ;) We taught about the restoration and the book of mormon and he said he was so excited to read it! Me and Syster Heaps were so happy and high on the spirit, we went home dancing singing this song 'God is Good!' It was a happy day. :)

We've had a pretty busy filled week this week and meeting a lot of new investigators. We had one last district meeting this transfer also and had a yummy lunch made by the Watsons.

We met with this sweet young girl from Poland this week too. She is such a sweetheart and said she has met missionaries for years. She wanted us to help her with her english homework and we happily agreed. :) We went in thinking it would be a piece of cake but it was pretty tricky haha. We all kept laughing together at how hard it was and how even us english speakers didn't get it.

Sunday was just beautiful and much needed. Always. So many great talks and lessons and so much of the spirit felt. :) In relief society we talked about Utchdorfs talk, 'Fourth Floor, Last Door.' Such a good one. Definitely can relate to that one. After church we had a yummy dinner with the sweet Jansson family! Their daughter Hanna just got back from her mission in Greece. She was so sweet and telling us all about her mission and crazy to compare our missions. We talked about how fast time goes as well.

Anyways, it was a great week. Took some fun pictures and just lovin' life. 'God is good, all of time! All of the time, God is good!' Just a quote form the song me and Syster Heaps love. ;) Hope you all had a good week. Hejdå for now. :)

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Monday, January 16, 2017

January gloom

Tjena Tjena! This week was exhausting. We had a fun P-Day in the stores of Nordstan and got some carrot muffins. We then went and hit the streets later in the evening and prayed we would find some nice people and found this french guy who only new french but we gave him a card and he said he would come to church.

We went on splits this week with Syster May and Syster McClatchie as well! Two of my favorites. :) It was so fun getting to be with them again and catch up on life. Me and Syster May were together and we visited this sweet old lady named Sigbrit. We sang some hymns for her and she gave us some chocolate. We had a fun dinner the the Angelini's that night too.

The next day was the craziest rain wind storm we have ever witnessed. We had basically nothing planned that day so we were determined to go out with our big raincoats and umbrellas and talk to the world! Lol honestly didn't go too well. Our umbrella kept going inside-out and everyone thought we were crazy for trying to talk to people out in the rain. We decided to just tract some houses instead and Syster Heaps had to go to the bathroom so bad that we asked the next door that opened if we could use it. This really nice girl let us in and we talked for awhile and she asked us all about why we were here and our purpose so that was cool.

The next day we taught the Plan of Salvation to our investigator. Felix came along too to help which was nice. :) The Plan of Salvation is one of my favorite lessons to teach. Every time we teach it, it always just is a great reminder to me how grateful I am for the gospel. It gives us so much hope especially knowing where we came from, why we are here, and what will happen after. So much kunskap and kärlek its great lol. The Söderberg's had us over for dinner too so that was a blast! Vincent and Leo are so great and we talked about anime and art and other things we liked.

We had a great district meeting this week as well and talked about companions. We talked about how fun and hard it can be to forced to be with someone for 24-7. ;) I can't get over how grateful I am for Syster Heaps. :) We always have the best conversations and just love talking about life and just love doing the work with joy! We don't want transfers to ever come.

We went to a baptism in Utby this last weekend as well! It was such a spiritual day evening and the guy being baptized was from the middle east and was so happy.

While we were out contacting one day, we ran into the sweet Anna Ocasio! This sweet lady who was one of our best friends in Helsingborg. :) We hugged for a long time and caught up. Seriously such a blessing to run into her. Me and her daughter Alicia are soul sisters. ;) Miss their family so much and told her how excited I was to come back and see them in April!

Sunday was great too. The french guy we talked to on the street came to church so that was exciting. :) Fabrice (a french member) took him under his wing and translated the entire church for him! What a guy. We were so happy and he said he was so glad he met us and agreed to meet again this next week! Woot woot. :) After church the Johanssons had us over for dinner. We showed them the daily bread mormon message and how it is the little things we do in our life everyday that build us up, make us stronger, and help us come closer to our Savior. We love mormon messages.

All and all it was a tiring week this week and we learned a lot. Words can't describe how exhausted we have been but it is the best exhaustion we have ever felt. Knowing all our efforts are for the Lord and his work is the best feeling one can feel. Lovin' life. Tacksam för tiden jag har haft här. Alltid ska minnas min frälsare och allt han gjorde för oss. Om jag är ärligt är det inte alltid lätt att vara här. Det finns många gånger jag tänker varför kom jag hit? Det är så svårt haha. Men då tänker jag om försoningen och hur det var inte lätt för herren heller. Han gjorde det eftersom han älskade oss. Det är hur jag känner mot honom också. Jag älskar honom så vill jag göra allt jag kan åt honom nu och för evigt. :) Det är anledningen.

Love you guys and till next week!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Anna Ocasio spotted in Göteborg!!

Stole this picture someone took on our phone hehe

Monday, January 9, 2017

Post-holiday Blues

Hello everyone! This week started off nice with a P-day hike and grill fest. We headed into the woods and had a grand ol time together. We grilled some korv and snackade tillsammans. We then had to head to the Watson's later because left our phone in there car. Oops haha. We were waiting for the bus in the cold forever and finally we saw it coming and we were so happy. All of a sudden it just zoomed past us...sadly had to wait another 30 minutes in the cold. Patience was tested haha.

We then had a full white day today. One because it snowed everywhere so that was fun! And the other because our planners were full white with no appointments or plans so we just go contakting and knocking on doors all day. Honestly, it was pretty depressing. So many people were just so mean after 100 no's your heart starts the hurt. We decided to get some nature godis to give us energy and I said I little pray in my heart to help us find a nice person and the next thing we know this sweet girl from germany pops out of the wood works are we have a nice long conversation with her about the love god gives us. It was much needed and lifted our spirits again. :)

The trick to keeping sane through all the rejection is the just have fun with it and remember the small blessings God puts in our life. And when meanies come around, just kill them with kindness, they can't stand it. ;)

We had interviews with president this week so that was fun! Feel like it's been so long since I got to sit down and talk to him. It was a great catching up and he said it was weird how little time we have left. I agreed and said it has been flying by. He said to keep going strong till the end. Det kan jag göra. :)

We met with Hasib this week again and decided to start reading Mormons Bok together. We have been explaining it to him chapter by chapter and he says it helps him understand it a lot better. It's kinda fun starting it fresh over again learning all the little details of the stories of Lehi and his family and how sacrificing their life for the gospel wasn't easy for them either but they loved god so much they did all he asked. :) Good reminder for me. We also had a nice conversation about 'casting lots' haha.

The Johnson's, Syster Byberg, and The Karlssons all had us over for dinner this week. Shout out to the great members here and their amazing food. Their love keeps us going here and we can't imagine this work without them.

Sunday was wonderful. :) First Fast and testimony meeting here in VF. It was so underbart and filled with so many sweet testimonies and remembrance of the Savior. There were so many visitors today too so that was fun! Our investigator Mehdi came too and just loved church! It was a nice day and we had dinner after with the Karlssons. Nice rejuvenation for the week to come. :)

Hope everyone is having a fun time getting back into the swing of things. Love you all and until next week.

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Gott Nytt År på er. :)

Happy 2017 everyone! Wow, this last year just flew by. Honestly it still feels like 2015 lol. I don't think time works normally when your on a mission. You constantly feel like your in this parallel world and the months just disappear by the seconds. Weird to think I will be heading home in less than 4 months. Ahhh, not real. ;)

Monday was the day after Jul! We had P-day that day and a nice recovery day from all the Christmas food comas. Felix and friends invited us missionaries to play some innebandy (hockey without ice) at the church so that was fun. :) It got pretty intense and we were all wiped out after. Later in the evening the Bakers invited us over for their traditional missionary dinner the day after Christmas. :) They are the best! It was fun to talk to Marie because we had some mutual friends. We played Mafia (one of my favorite games which I totally forgot existed! haha) and Psychiatrist. It was such a great night full of laughs and good company. They made us this delicious dinner and sweet Marie bought us all Frölunda Indian t-shirts! Vad snäll! Me and Syster Heaps were so pumped we took tons of pictures with them after. ;)

The next day we went to Maria's house and had a trevligt stund together. She wanted us to help her decorate her mini christmas tree! She put up jul streamers while we did the other decorating. She gave us this yummy lime cake also which was to die for! Sååå gott.

Later in the evening familjen Sahlin invited us over for dinner. The Watsons were there too so it was a big fun night full of fun swinglish. :) We all were so sore from innebandy the day before so that was funny. We had these delicious potatoes and me and Syster Heaps shared Mosiah 24:14 about how the Lord lifts us form our burdens. It was a great night filled with the spirit. Oh also Annette Sahlin gives the greatest hugs ever. :) We love the Sahlins!

The next day we got back to the normal grind and talked to so many peeps! Felt good getting out there again. :) And självklart a little hard also lol. We made the best of it and tried to spread the last little bit of christmas cheer to all that came our way. We met with this swedish investigator guy at the center as well and he said he notices people who have God are filled with happiness and joy. He agreed to meet with us and learn more about the gospel but he was said it will be hard for us to teach him. We said we would gladly try. ;)

We contaked so many people in stan and ran into both the Utby elders and the Frölunda elders. All of us in the same stan. ;) It felt good seeing us all spreading the gospel together!

For new years eve the Watsons invited us over and we had a fun game night. We made pizzas and played Disney Trivia. :) We all got into teams and and a grand time. We then went home and watched the city blow up with fireworks! Kinda felt a little unreal. Still blows my mind we're in the new year.

We had an hour of church today and me and Äldste Cluff shared our testimonies with the ward since we were new. :) So far it has been a great new years day and we got to email on Sunday since we got to have P-Day today. Hope you all had a great New Years Eve as well. It is always so nice having a fresh start and great vibes to start the new year. Hope this spirit of gladje continues till the end of this year as well. Love you all and remember to thank the Lord for everything he has given. :) Vi ses senare!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

​Frölunda Represent