Monday, January 9, 2017

Post-holiday Blues

Hello everyone! This week started off nice with a P-day hike and grill fest. We headed into the woods and had a grand ol time together. We grilled some korv and snackade tillsammans. We then had to head to the Watson's later because left our phone in there car. Oops haha. We were waiting for the bus in the cold forever and finally we saw it coming and we were so happy. All of a sudden it just zoomed past us...sadly had to wait another 30 minutes in the cold. Patience was tested haha.

We then had a full white day today. One because it snowed everywhere so that was fun! And the other because our planners were full white with no appointments or plans so we just go contakting and knocking on doors all day. Honestly, it was pretty depressing. So many people were just so mean after 100 no's your heart starts the hurt. We decided to get some nature godis to give us energy and I said I little pray in my heart to help us find a nice person and the next thing we know this sweet girl from germany pops out of the wood works are we have a nice long conversation with her about the love god gives us. It was much needed and lifted our spirits again. :)

The trick to keeping sane through all the rejection is the just have fun with it and remember the small blessings God puts in our life. And when meanies come around, just kill them with kindness, they can't stand it. ;)

We had interviews with president this week so that was fun! Feel like it's been so long since I got to sit down and talk to him. It was a great catching up and he said it was weird how little time we have left. I agreed and said it has been flying by. He said to keep going strong till the end. Det kan jag göra. :)

We met with Hasib this week again and decided to start reading Mormons Bok together. We have been explaining it to him chapter by chapter and he says it helps him understand it a lot better. It's kinda fun starting it fresh over again learning all the little details of the stories of Lehi and his family and how sacrificing their life for the gospel wasn't easy for them either but they loved god so much they did all he asked. :) Good reminder for me. We also had a nice conversation about 'casting lots' haha.

The Johnson's, Syster Byberg, and The Karlssons all had us over for dinner this week. Shout out to the great members here and their amazing food. Their love keeps us going here and we can't imagine this work without them.

Sunday was wonderful. :) First Fast and testimony meeting here in VF. It was so underbart and filled with so many sweet testimonies and remembrance of the Savior. There were so many visitors today too so that was fun! Our investigator Mehdi came too and just loved church! It was a nice day and we had dinner after with the Karlssons. Nice rejuvenation for the week to come. :)

Hope everyone is having a fun time getting back into the swing of things. Love you all and until next week.

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

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