Sunday, January 1, 2017

Gott Nytt År på er. :)

Happy 2017 everyone! Wow, this last year just flew by. Honestly it still feels like 2015 lol. I don't think time works normally when your on a mission. You constantly feel like your in this parallel world and the months just disappear by the seconds. Weird to think I will be heading home in less than 4 months. Ahhh, not real. ;)

Monday was the day after Jul! We had P-day that day and a nice recovery day from all the Christmas food comas. Felix and friends invited us missionaries to play some innebandy (hockey without ice) at the church so that was fun. :) It got pretty intense and we were all wiped out after. Later in the evening the Bakers invited us over for their traditional missionary dinner the day after Christmas. :) They are the best! It was fun to talk to Marie because we had some mutual friends. We played Mafia (one of my favorite games which I totally forgot existed! haha) and Psychiatrist. It was such a great night full of laughs and good company. They made us this delicious dinner and sweet Marie bought us all Frölunda Indian t-shirts! Vad snäll! Me and Syster Heaps were so pumped we took tons of pictures with them after. ;)

The next day we went to Maria's house and had a trevligt stund together. She wanted us to help her decorate her mini christmas tree! She put up jul streamers while we did the other decorating. She gave us this yummy lime cake also which was to die for! Sååå gott.

Later in the evening familjen Sahlin invited us over for dinner. The Watsons were there too so it was a big fun night full of fun swinglish. :) We all were so sore from innebandy the day before so that was funny. We had these delicious potatoes and me and Syster Heaps shared Mosiah 24:14 about how the Lord lifts us form our burdens. It was a great night filled with the spirit. Oh also Annette Sahlin gives the greatest hugs ever. :) We love the Sahlins!

The next day we got back to the normal grind and talked to so many peeps! Felt good getting out there again. :) And självklart a little hard also lol. We made the best of it and tried to spread the last little bit of christmas cheer to all that came our way. We met with this swedish investigator guy at the center as well and he said he notices people who have God are filled with happiness and joy. He agreed to meet with us and learn more about the gospel but he was said it will be hard for us to teach him. We said we would gladly try. ;)

We contaked so many people in stan and ran into both the Utby elders and the Frölunda elders. All of us in the same stan. ;) It felt good seeing us all spreading the gospel together!

For new years eve the Watsons invited us over and we had a fun game night. We made pizzas and played Disney Trivia. :) We all got into teams and and a grand time. We then went home and watched the city blow up with fireworks! Kinda felt a little unreal. Still blows my mind we're in the new year.

We had an hour of church today and me and Äldste Cluff shared our testimonies with the ward since we were new. :) So far it has been a great new years day and we got to email on Sunday since we got to have P-Day today. Hope you all had a great New Years Eve as well. It is always so nice having a fresh start and great vibes to start the new year. Hope this spirit of gladje continues till the end of this year as well. Love you all and remember to thank the Lord for everything he has given. :) Vi ses senare!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

​Frölunda Represent

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