Monday, December 26, 2016

God Jul Allihopa!

Merry Christmas!!

This week was sensational. On P-day we had a party at the Ysa center with a lot of the göteborg missionaries and we played some games and we did a meditation game with Elder Cox and we all found out spirit animals. Mine was a dalmation. Det var roligt. ;)

So many sweet members invited us over for dinner for the holiday season. :) It was nice especially when we were having a rough day to look forward to be with members in a nice warm chirstmasy home. We love the people here. :)

This week we knocked on so many doors inviting people to the Christmas Sunday service telling the world how fun it would be. :) We found that to be very effective inviting people from door to door. This sweet old lady opened up and told us we could come back and talk to her more! We came back a few days later and she happily let us in. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and the stories it contains. She said she believed in god but she just didn't really know where to turn. We invited her to read and ask him if it was his word. She said happily and said we could come back another time. :) Toppen!

We got to practice the restoration in swedish this week as well with a member. It was nice getting tips and improving our skills since we don't get to teach it so much. He gave us some language tips too so that was nice!

We had a fun distrikt meeting this week as well! It was the one right before Christmas so we decided to all go out christmas caroling in stan (in town)! We brought some hymn books and sang to the world! This cute little old lady came up to was and was like 'Wow!! You guys sing beautifully. What church are you from?' We told her we were mormon and she was like, 'Oh I don't like Mormons...but that's okay at least you sing nice.' lol. We came back to the center and the Watsons surprised us with this huge lunch! They are the sweetest ever.

We then had Julafton! (Christmaseve)! :) Which is actually bigger celebrated than christmas day in Sweden. :) We met with the elders and watched some disney movies and then headed to the sweet familjen Malm! We played games with their little kids and watched Kalle Anke (Donald Duck) cartoons together. Eva made us this beautifull christmas dinner and we had a grand ol time together. After, we acted out the nativity with the family and and played some charades. :) Then one of the younger sons who was about 11 years old dressed up as Jultomten (Santa) and brought presents for everyone! It was cute because the little sister was like, 'What the! You're not Jultomten, you're my brother...' haha Såå gulig. We then thanked them for everything and they drove us home.

The next day was Christmas! It was fun because we had church that day and we got to see everyone in their fun Christmas outfits and the christmas spirit was so strong! One of the lady's houses we knocked on came for the service too so that was fun! :) We combined with the Utby ward as well so it was fun to see some more missionary friends. Us missionaries sang a musical number and there were many more beautiful musical numbers. It was a great meeting. We then headed to the Johnsons after church and they made us this delicious ham and we had a nice relaxing evening together. :) We got to skype our families while we were there too!! Wow it was so weird. 7 months without seeing my family! Such a treat to see them. :) I love and miss them so much. So many tears were shed lol. Where did the time go? Weird to think the next time I see them will be in person! So excited. We then finished the night with some more disney movies. :) It was a great Christmas!!

Hope you all had a great christmas as well and felt the wonderful spirit of love during it. Grateful to have got to spend two christmas' here in the beautiful land of Sweden as a missionary for the Lord. It's hard not being with my family but it is worth everything being here for Him. I love the gospel and the feeling of peace it gives us not only on Christmas but all year round. :) Love you all and till next time!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Contakting the swedes

​Singing carols to the swedes

Christmas with my sis. :)

​We love the Watsons.

​Christmas crew.

​Göteborg denna underbara plats... åååh!

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