Monday, December 19, 2016

My dream come true.

Hello hello everyone! So much happened this week and sadly I don't have much time to explain it. Gonna sum it up quick. :) Had a last few couple of days in Örebro. Said goodbye to some of my favorite people including Syster Christoffersen, Äldste Petersen, and Äldste Richardson. shout out to you all and miss you all.

It was December 13 this past week so we got to see the St. Lucia concert which was beautiful! Feels like yesterday I was watching it last year in Sundsvall. Where did the time go?

We did some service and played some ukulele for Vedel one last time and sang 'Come Thou Fount.'

I then packed all my bags up and hopped on a train to my new area Västra Frölunda!! Still kind of in shock I get to be in Göteborg. :) Always been a dream of mine to serve here. I know it's gonna be amazing.

Met Syster Heaps and Syster Wagner at the station and they helped me with my stuff. :) So excited to get to be with Syster Heaps this transfer! This first week together has been such a blast and she has been showing me around the whole area.

We have this sweet investigator named Yunlong who is from China and got us flowers! Such a sweet guy. We've had so many sweet members invite us over for dinner so that is always fun. It is such a treat to be in peoples beautiful homes during the holidays! Such Christmasy vibes everywhere we go. :)

This is going to be a good 7 weeks.

Sunday was fun too. :) Got to meet the whole ward! Such a big ward full of such nice people. We were in the choir too singing some Christmas hymns. Got talk to Felix as well, eller former Äldste Sahlin who was the assistant when I first came to Swden! :) So fun and so good to see him. It was a nice sabbath and felt the spirit so strong from this returned missionary's talk who just got back from Greece on her mission! So great talking to her too.

Anyways, love you all and hope to be able to give more details next time.
Merry Christmas!! and see you next week!

​St. Lucia!

​Örebro crew

​My new comp Syster Heaps!! :)

Undersökare Yunlong. :)

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