Monday, April 17, 2017

The last letter...

Hallå friends and family! Well, this is it, my last letter I will be writing home. :) I can't believe it has actually come. The feelings felt can not be described just nu. Ahhh! Almost about the same feeling leaving home. Excited, scared, sad, happy! So many mixed emotions. This has been the greatest thing I have ever done. I am so grateful for the gospel, this mission, the people who have changed my life here, and most especially my Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the time I got to give for His sake. :) God is good.

My family will be coming to Sweden this Thursday and we will be travelling around for a few weeks so that will be a blast! Excited to show them around my swedish homes for the last year and a half. :) I can't believe I am actually going to see them again. Doesn't feel real.

Anyways, this week was a good one because it was Påsk (Easter)! Some sweet members invited us over to their beautiful house and we painted easter eggs and had a little easter lunch. :) We have been showing everyone the Prince of Peace video and talking about how the Resurrection gives us hope, comfort, and peace. Easter is the best.

We had a lot of syster vistors stay with us this week too! There was train the trainers, and this self-reliance class put on for us missionaries going home. It was weird at first to be hearing about all the things we have to worry about when we go School, majors, career, job, payments, housing, social life, and many more. It was a little overwhelming at first but good to be getting an idea of life back home haha instead of cold turkey trying to figuring out these things på en gång. Gotta say I'm going to miss not having to worry that stuff, but it will also be good to come back to it as well. It feels time. Made me really want to soak in these last missionary days though.

Later in the week on Påskafton me and Syster Gill went to Näsbypark to swing by this lady. Oh my goodness it was beautiful! We couldn't get over the nice weather and the water view and the birds churping and just the happy feeling of spring! Det här landet är såå otroligt vackert. :) It was a great day to start påsk.

The next day on easter we woke up and it snowed lol. So much for our spring vibes haha. We made the most of it though and walked to church and just had a wonderful time at church with everyone. Us missionaries and many others did musical numbers and then we had a big fika afterwards! It was a great day. :)

Sad to be saying goodbye to all the people I have met here. I can not even express how much I love you all. It's not goodbye forever though. :) I will be back very soon.

Jag vill avsluta med mitt vitnesbörd att jag vet det här är Herrens verk. Denna är hans kyrka. Jag vet det eftersom jag har känt det. Jag har känt friden och glädjen som kommer från det. Kristus är vår frälsare. Om du följa honom kan du också känna det storsta lycka som finns. Jag är en vittne om det. Om du läsa Mormons Bok kommer du att känna sanningen som står där inne. Det vittnar om Kristus och hur vi kan hitta ljuset tack vare honom. Jag är så tacksam för människorna som har offrat så mycket för oss att ha evangeliet idag. Jag är tacksam för att jag kunde vara en missionär här för ett kort stund och delar med mig något som har gjort mig så glad. Gud är så god. Jag älskar honom. Jag ska står för hans namn tills dagen jag dör. :) Jag älskar er och önskar er ett underbart liv fullt av glädje och ljus.

Tack för att ni finns och tack för att ni lyssnade. :) Ha det så bra och vi ses. :)

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Monday, April 10, 2017

Fånga Dagen, varje dag.

Goood morning allihopa. This week was yet another eventful one! We had a fun P-day at the Mall of Scandinavia! We went to the Disney store and Lego store and just explored around.

We had the Umeå and Luleå systers stay with us this week as well because we had zone conference! Two syster Halls, Syster Eriksson, and Syster Hunter. ;) It was fun to be with them. We got to the Gubbängen chapel and had a big conference combined with Norrland zone. Sad that is was my last conference ever. So many feels. Cute that it was at the same building I had my first one two decembers ago...where does the time go.

The Beckstrands gave a great training on Fånga Dagen! Aka Carpe Diem aka Seize the Day! It was a wonderful training about how we should make everyday count and do our best everyday. The assistants did a section as well on how it's important to share our story, testimony and why WE believe. I think it's been a great theme lately in the mission. Really searching deep in our hearts for our testimony and our personal conversions. I love it! We had a delicious lunch, and a played a fun little game with the Beckstrands. Me, Syster Hall, Syster Haikola, Äldste Pärkää, ad Äldste Christley gave our farewell testimonies since we will be going home in a week...Ahh! It is weird it is actually coming to a close.

After conference we went on splits with the Jakobsberg Systers! I went with Syster Wilson to Jakobsberg! My home! So fun getting to visit that place again. :) Fun getting to be with Syster Wilson too. We talked about how great it was to finally get to go on splits together and how weird it was that we were going home so soon. Craazy.

We went contacting with this new member as well! We found this cute puppy on the way too and though it was so funny that a pillar on light was shining right on its head in the picture lol. It's name was Gucci. ;)

We swtiched back and then went on splits again with the Västerhaninge systers! I went with Syster Hale in Västerhaninge. :) Okay I love Syster Hale sooo much. We both have a Studio Ghibli obsession so all day we were just singing the songs together and quoting all our favorite lines while we were talking to the great people of Västerhaninge and showing the new easter church video. ;) We swungby some sweet people and had a dinner from this cute temple couple! Such a great day.

Me and Syster Gill finally reunited and it felt good being back home in Täby again. :) We got a scary call though saying there has been a terrorist attack in Stockholm on Drottningsgatan. A crazy man drove a truck into a crowd of people and then ran. So scary. President asked all us missionaries to stay home for the rest of the night and stay safe. So sad and stockholm was in our prayers.

A few days later we got to stand outside of the Book of Mormon Musical and pass out real Books of Mormons to everyone that saw it. ;) Everyone was kinda laughing at us and making fun of us but we just laughed with them and told them if they liked the musical they should read the read book, it's a lot better. ;) So many people took books and said they would. lol So great!

Sunday was great too. So many investigators came so that is always fun. It was testimony meeting and everyone was talking about the crazy accident in Stockholm and sharing how grateful they are for the comfort the gospel brings, especially during scary times.

It was a great week. I can not believe I only have one left...So many mixed feelings. I am excited and sad at the same time. Gonna make these last 10 days be the best. Love you all. See you very soon. :)

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Teaching the Restoration through pictures to Ming

Little Gucci with a pillar of light directly over its head. ;)

Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference weekend!

Hello! This is going to be a short one this week. We had a fun P-Day with some missonaries on a little boat ride around stockholm. It was such a sunny day and a teaser for the summer. We got icecream and just enjoyed the sun.

The next day we had splits with the Hägersten systers! I was with my old comp Syster Christoffersen. :) It was fun being together again for the day.

The next day me and Syster Gill drove far out to the boonies to visit some members! They live so far that they love when we get the oppertunity to come visit them. One of them said she hasn't had contact with anyone from the church in decades! She was happy we came to see her. :) We thought maybe she may of forgetten that people came to visit her because she kept telling us the same things over and over...and over and maybe thought she had memory loss. hehe She was cute.

We had distict meeting. That was fun.

We then had splits again and I stayed with Syster Nelson in Stockholm! I love Syster Nelson! She is so sweet and we had a lot of good conversations. :) And we met some great people and taught some spiritual lessons.

To end the busy week we had Generla Conference woohoo!! A missonaries favorite weekend! ;) Oh my goodness it was great. So much spiritual knowledge gained from it. Loved getting to watch it live a few times. :) Such a blessing to have these amazing leaders who guide the Lord's church. I am grateful for the strong spirit I got to feel listening to them this entire weekend. So much spiritual food this weekend! Pablo invited us over to watch it at his house on Sunday and afterwards we went on the roof and saw the beautiful sunset! Great end to a busy week.

God is good! Love you all. Till next time!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Min bästa kompis. :)

​Pablos roof.