Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference weekend!

Hello! This is going to be a short one this week. We had a fun P-Day with some missonaries on a little boat ride around stockholm. It was such a sunny day and a teaser for the summer. We got icecream and just enjoyed the sun.

The next day we had splits with the Hägersten systers! I was with my old comp Syster Christoffersen. :) It was fun being together again for the day.

The next day me and Syster Gill drove far out to the boonies to visit some members! They live so far that they love when we get the oppertunity to come visit them. One of them said she hasn't had contact with anyone from the church in decades! She was happy we came to see her. :) We thought maybe she may of forgetten that people came to visit her because she kept telling us the same things over and over...and over and maybe thought she had memory loss. hehe She was cute.

We had distict meeting. That was fun.

We then had splits again and I stayed with Syster Nelson in Stockholm! I love Syster Nelson! She is so sweet and we had a lot of good conversations. :) And we met some great people and taught some spiritual lessons.

To end the busy week we had Generla Conference woohoo!! A missonaries favorite weekend! ;) Oh my goodness it was great. So much spiritual knowledge gained from it. Loved getting to watch it live a few times. :) Such a blessing to have these amazing leaders who guide the Lord's church. I am grateful for the strong spirit I got to feel listening to them this entire weekend. So much spiritual food this weekend! Pablo invited us over to watch it at his house on Sunday and afterwards we went on the roof and saw the beautiful sunset! Great end to a busy week.

God is good! Love you all. Till next time!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Min bästa kompis. :)

​Pablos roof.

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