Monday, March 27, 2017

Because I'm happy!

Hello!! Spring has sprung! Wow, this week was so busy and full of sunshine. We had a blast with Suzie and Pontus this last P-day. They took us sightseeing and we went up this huge tower and saw all of Stockholm. We got some korv and icecream together for lunch and they were giving us all the updates on all our old missionary friends and their love lives lol.

We had a full week of meetings and conferences this week! We had MLC on tuesday and the cute Malmö systers stayed with us for the night. Syster McClatchie and Syster Hansen, love them. We arrived to the mission home and had a yummy lunch made by Syster Beckstrand. We had a great meeting home about the new easter initiative! Woot woot! We got a sneakpeak of it. The theme is 'The Prince of Peace.' It's a video of how the Savior is there for us to give us peace in our lives if we follow Him. Super great film. It was a very spiritual day. :) Me and Syster Gill went home without our jackets and scarves because the weather was sooo nice! Hallelujah!

We did some service this week and helped our friend Sofie move into her new beauty salon. We cleaned some of the machines and windows and just had a nice time together. She is so sweet. Weather was great yet again. ;)

The next day we had zone training in Gubbängen! We met there early with the Uppsala STLs and the zone leaders and went through our presentation. Me and Syster Gill had the 'Introducing the Easter Initiative' section. :) We talked about trials and how it was the Savior who gave us peace during those times. We really wanted everyone to think about in what ways the Savior was their source of peace during their personal trials. It was a wonderful meeting and the ZLs taught more and got everyone pumped for the new video! Great great day.

The next day we got to go to the temple with sweet Jasmine. :) She got baptized about a year ago and was so excited to be able to do some of her grandma and grandpas work. :) I can't tell you how powerful it was to see her get baptized for her grandma who passed. The spirit was so strong. Some of the Göteborg YSA was there too so it was fun seeing them again. Felix was there and the one who baptized Jasmine last year so she was excited that he could help with her grandparents sealing as well. So precious, and such a nice day! :)

The next day we had a full white day planned which actually was kinda refreshing due to all the running around we've been doing the past couple of days. The weather was sunny and breezy so we spent the entire day outside talking to everyone who crossed our path. ;) It was so rejuvenating. Everyone was so happy to talk to us.😊 Thank you solen!!

Sunday was just beautiful as well. It happened to be my last normal sunday as a missionary (since we have general conference, fast meeting, and easter program!) so they had me give my goodbye testimony now haha! Was so not ready for that lol. Crazy how the time is slowly winding down. Cute Veronica came as well (the lady we just invited on the street to come to church with us one day, and now she comes every Sunday!) We love her.

Well, det var en underbar vecka denna vecka. :) Jag kan inte uttrycka hur tacksam jag är! Jag älskar mitt liv. Jag älskar evangeliet. Jag älskar friden som kommer från det! Det är så riktigt. Det är så stark. Kristus lever. Och det gör mig lite ledsen att min tid som missionär är nästan färdig men så måste jag njuta varje dag jag har kvar. Hoppas ni har haft en härlig vecka. :) Ha det gott! Till next week.

Med kärlek,
Syster Davis

Found a friend.

My cute comp.

Temple trip with Jasemin. :)

​Sweet veronica.

rock friend.

​It's true.

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