Monday, March 20, 2017

Våren kommer! I love syster Gill. :)

Hejsan. :) Det är helt otroligt hur fort veckan har gått! It started with a fun P-day with our good ol assisstant friends! We went to Vaxholm but sadly it was closed so made our way back to Stockholm and met up with some other syster friends.

The next day we got to go greenie contakting! :) We got to meet the three new missionaries who just arrived. We all got some Vapianos and got to know them. Me and Syster May got to take the two systers out talking to people for their first time ever! (Syster DeMourdant and Syster Hall) sweetest girls ever. :) One of them was destined to be my granddaughter because Syster Matwaychuk will be training one of them!! So exciting! :)

Transfer Day came and syster May got all her stuff packed up and we headed to Tcentral! Crazy how fast this transfer went. Told syster May see her in a few weeks. ;) Love that girl and she is going to love Örebro! I waited with the stockholm systers for a few hours and then my new comp syster Gill came!! Woohoo! I have always dreamed of being with syster Gill and it seriously has been soo fun with her. :) Both our trainees are training so both me and syster Gill are grandmas now woot woot! :) We got to see them at the station and take a family picture together. So great. They are doubling into Lund! What an adventure. Love them.

It has been the absolut best showing syster Gill around Täby. :) we already laugh so much together and have had so much going on these past few days it's been crazy! We had distrkt meeting with our new distrikt so that was fun. We had so many members invite us over this week so that was a blast. The members here are the BEST! One of them sewed a dress and gave it syster Gill. :) Life is good here. Time is going too quick.

Me and Syster Gill taught sunday school and hjälpföreningen so that was fun!

Any who, So much more happened but I don't have too much more time here. Hope to give more details next week. ;) Att vara en missionär är den bästa saken som finns! Jag älskar evangeliet och välsignelserna som kommer från det. God is good!

Med kärlek,
Syster Davis

​My daughter and grand-daughter! Syster DeMourdant! :)

​Greenie contakting with Syster Hall! :)

​Me and Syster Gill!

Korv with Pontus. ;)

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