Monday, April 10, 2017

Fånga Dagen, varje dag.

Goood morning allihopa. This week was yet another eventful one! We had a fun P-day at the Mall of Scandinavia! We went to the Disney store and Lego store and just explored around.

We had the Umeå and Luleå systers stay with us this week as well because we had zone conference! Two syster Halls, Syster Eriksson, and Syster Hunter. ;) It was fun to be with them. We got to the Gubbängen chapel and had a big conference combined with Norrland zone. Sad that is was my last conference ever. So many feels. Cute that it was at the same building I had my first one two decembers ago...where does the time go.

The Beckstrands gave a great training on Fånga Dagen! Aka Carpe Diem aka Seize the Day! It was a wonderful training about how we should make everyday count and do our best everyday. The assistants did a section as well on how it's important to share our story, testimony and why WE believe. I think it's been a great theme lately in the mission. Really searching deep in our hearts for our testimony and our personal conversions. I love it! We had a delicious lunch, and a played a fun little game with the Beckstrands. Me, Syster Hall, Syster Haikola, Äldste Pärkää, ad Äldste Christley gave our farewell testimonies since we will be going home in a week...Ahh! It is weird it is actually coming to a close.

After conference we went on splits with the Jakobsberg Systers! I went with Syster Wilson to Jakobsberg! My home! So fun getting to visit that place again. :) Fun getting to be with Syster Wilson too. We talked about how great it was to finally get to go on splits together and how weird it was that we were going home so soon. Craazy.

We went contacting with this new member as well! We found this cute puppy on the way too and though it was so funny that a pillar on light was shining right on its head in the picture lol. It's name was Gucci. ;)

We swtiched back and then went on splits again with the Västerhaninge systers! I went with Syster Hale in Västerhaninge. :) Okay I love Syster Hale sooo much. We both have a Studio Ghibli obsession so all day we were just singing the songs together and quoting all our favorite lines while we were talking to the great people of Västerhaninge and showing the new easter church video. ;) We swungby some sweet people and had a dinner from this cute temple couple! Such a great day.

Me and Syster Gill finally reunited and it felt good being back home in Täby again. :) We got a scary call though saying there has been a terrorist attack in Stockholm on Drottningsgatan. A crazy man drove a truck into a crowd of people and then ran. So scary. President asked all us missionaries to stay home for the rest of the night and stay safe. So sad and stockholm was in our prayers.

A few days later we got to stand outside of the Book of Mormon Musical and pass out real Books of Mormons to everyone that saw it. ;) Everyone was kinda laughing at us and making fun of us but we just laughed with them and told them if they liked the musical they should read the read book, it's a lot better. ;) So many people took books and said they would. lol So great!

Sunday was great too. So many investigators came so that is always fun. It was testimony meeting and everyone was talking about the crazy accident in Stockholm and sharing how grateful they are for the comfort the gospel brings, especially during scary times.

It was a great week. I can not believe I only have one left...So many mixed feelings. I am excited and sad at the same time. Gonna make these last 10 days be the best. Love you all. See you very soon. :)

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Teaching the Restoration through pictures to Ming

Little Gucci with a pillar of light directly over its head. ;)

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