Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Conference in Handen!

Hello allihopa! Such en eventful week I don't even know where to begin. P-Day was pretty normal. We helped Äldste Richardson get some normal person outfits since he will be going home so soon. He needed some fashion tips from us lol. We then find out later in the evening that Syster Christoffersen will be training so that was some fun news! Also meaning I will be transferring out again. I found out I will be heading to Göteborg and greenie-breaking Syster Heaps! :) I am so pumped. It has always been a dream of mine to go to Göteborg. And I am even more excited to be with Syster Heaps. :)

This week was also special because it was Christmas Conference! :) We got together with the Stockholm South Zone and had a huge Christmas meeting. We stayed the night with the sweet Västerhaninge sisters Syster Hansen and Syster Nelsen. They are the sweetest. We all gathered at the new Handen chapel. It was beautiful! We had a spiritual meeting about Christmas and about loving one another. We then had a delicious feast for lunch and I caught up with my good friend Äldste Hart who is going home this week! Crazy how fast the time goes out here. We then did a white elephant game which was a blast. we had some Christmas musical numbers and another spiritual meeting. At the end the Beckstrands came out and told us they had a surprise for us. They said since we all have been such hard-working missionaries this past year we deserve a present. We gathered into the gym and they have this huge projector set up to watch a movie! They let us all watch the new Saturday Warrior movie! haha Even though it was a cheesy mormon movie we were all so pumped and happy to get to watch a movie! :) Such a great present and such a fun conference. :)

After the fun conference we all headed back to our areas. We went to go visit this member in the senior home named Sonja. She was the cutest thing ever and was so happy we came to see her. We read some of the Liahona with her and she told us all about her family. She kept saying she was so grateful we came to visit. Such a sweet lady. :) We promised to come back every week!

The next day we headed down to Stockholm because Syster Christoffersen had train the trainers! That means I got to go on splits with the Täby sisters!! Syster Trotter and Syster Olsen. :) It was so fun catching up with them. We contakting a ton of people togther too which is always fun to do in a tripan. Me and Trotter gave out a Mormons Bok to this guy who said he needed evidence that god existed and we said 'Okay here you go. :)' and He was like 'hmm, tack!' haha. After splits I went back to the mission home a little early to wait for the trainers to finish their meeting. While I waited I had a little fika with Syster Beckstrands assistant Bianca. She made us some hot chocolate and we talked about life and stuff. She is so nice! We then headed back to Örebro.

This weekend we had the Örebro ward Christmas party! It was such a fest and the cute little primary kids did a mini St. Lucia show for us. They also had a swedish trivia game about all these swedish christmas traditions and I literally guessed on almost all of them. They went went through all the answers at the end and the winner got a gingerbread house. At the end, I got everything right even though I guessed and won the prize haha! Everyone was shocked an American missionary won lol. I just said I guessed on everything and they all laughed.

The next sunday was my last sunday in Örebro so they had be share a goodbye testimony. I was only here for 5 weeks but it already felt like home. I thanked everyone for the love and said I hoped to come back someday. :) After church the Lohman's invited us over for dinner since it was my last sunday here. We talked about how much we loved Robert and Tiffany Davis and they showed me this fun Midsommar book with all these photos of them. :) Pär even called Tiffany while we were there haha. The Lohmans are the best. :) Gonna miss the amazing people of Örebro!

Anyways sorry this letter is really rushed and probably a lot of mistakes but it was quite an eventful week! So much happening and excited to get to be in Göteborg this week! Wish me luck!

Jag vill bara lämna er med mitt vitnesbörd att jag vet Kristus lever! Han är där och det här är hans verk. Varje dag ser jag underverken som bevisar mig att Gud är där. :) Han verkligen bryr sig om var och en av oss och vill att vi ska hitta honom i våra liv! Jag är så tacksam för att jag kan vara här för honom. Det finns ingen ord som kan förklara hur mycket glädje evangeliet har givit mig. God Jul alla och ses vi nästa vecka!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Familjen Lohman. :)

Splits with Täby! my littleTrotter. :)


Örebro crew.

​Camel in stan!

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