Monday, January 30, 2017

It's been good Göteborg!

Hejsan vänner. :) This week was quite the eventful one. On Monday we had a fun dinner with our friend Joey Ocasio! He is a member in Helsingborg and happened to be here for work so we met up and he brought a little package his daughters made for us. So sweet. We got some spanish food which was amazing. He was telling all about his mission in London! So good to catch up and hear about Helsingborg too. Miss that place so much.

This week was special because we had Specialized zone training! The Jönköping sisters came and stayed the night with us and we got to the church early to help the Watsons make the lunch.
The Beckstrands and the Assistants came down to Frölunda to present to our zone the new 2017 standard of excellence and new mission schedule. There were many big changes! Later in the evening we all watched the missionary world-wide broadcast which talked about how the indicators would be cut down to only 4. We all looked at the Beckstrands because we had this whole training about all the indicators, and now we wouldn't have them haha. We all just chuckled and president Beckstrand held up the key indicator bookmark and said, 'You can all just keep this as a souvenir then! ;)' Haha Kind of excited for all these mission changes. I know all this missionary terminology probably sounds confusing to you all so sorry for that lol.

The next day we got back to the streets and talked to some peeps. We met with Yunlong later and Mattias came and helped us teach! We pulled out the dop calendar and he agreed to be baptized! So exciting. :) We had a dinner with sweet Rachel later in the evening and she made us this delicious potato casserole! She kept giving us swedish tips and we kept telling her all our favorite swedish words. One of them was, 'typ' (which means 'kind of') and she thought it was funny that we liked that word so much so she kept saying it and then winking at us. ;) She is the best.

The next day was our friend Marie's birthday so we took her out to lunch! We went to this burrito place called Tomtoms and it was to die for! Soo good. Mette and Tom had us over later that night too and Mette was showing us her maybe soon-to-be artsy knitting business on instagram. She seriously is the cutest thing ever. I told her I'd be ordering some sweaters when I got home. ;) As we were heading home, our phone rang and it was President Beckstrand! Oh no. Haha we had a feeling he would be calling us...He told us some crazy news that I would be moving to Täby next week with the one and only Syster May!! My MTC comp. :) Syster Heaps would be staying in Göteborg and I would be having another 1 transfer area. Crazy crazy!! We were so shocked and not at the same time. Sad to leave Göteborg but so stoked to be with Syster May again. :) It's gonna be great!

We went to IKEA for brunch with the zone for one last hälsning before we all would transfer and everyone was shocked I was leaving again lol. The Watsons were like, 'What the?! You can't leave already!' Gonna miss them soo much. And everyone! This seriously has been a dream area.

Sunday was great too, the last one in Göteborg. It was legendary. ;) Said goodbye to many great friends and took some pictures. We went trakting after church and this nice old swedish lady couldn't stop smiling when we told her we were here to teach people about Christ. She said she couldn't believe people our age actually believed still. She said we could happily come back next week. People like that are so worth all the rejection!! :) We then headed to the Andersson family for dinner. Makayla is from Berlin Germany and the dad is from Sweden! They have the cutest little son who they speak, English, German, and Swedish to. So cool he'll be a multilingual kid.

Anywho, it has been a great transfer and holiday season here in VF. I will never forget the people I have met here and all the fun times we've had together. I love this work and I will go wherever the Lord wants me to go. :) Life is grand and until next week!

Med kärlek,
Syster Davis

​Göteborg crew

​Ikea brunch

​Specialized zone training

​Gonna miss my Syster Heaps

​And Tim

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