Monday, January 23, 2017

God is good, all of the time.

Hej hej. :) Monday was great. Syster Heaps and I did a little arts and crafts and we dyed her hair! I trimmed it and she dyed in dark brown. Looked super cute. :) Later we played some Innebandy at the church for Äldste Nelson's birthday. We had some kladkaka icecream and sang happy birthday to him! We then finished the day with some fun contacting. This drunk guy was the only nice one who wanted to talk to us. Typiskt.

We met with our favorite Marie this week as well. We helped her take down her christmas decorations and talked about her fun 25 years working for SJ (train company in sweden) She told us it was the best seeing missionaries on transfer day everywhere with all their luggage.

The next day we had a few lessons but they got blåsted (canceled). So instead we got some swedish tips from the member who was gonna to help us with our lesson! The Watson's were there too and said they have noticed how exhausted we looked and they told us to sit down for a minute and eat some grilled-cheese and soup. ;) They are the best. Seriously they are our mission parents here in Göteborg. :)

We had a really solid lesson with this week as well with the help of Fabrice again! Our investigator only knew French so Fabrice translated the entire lesson back and forth from us to him, from him to us. It was funny when he got it mixed up at times and started speaking french to us and english to our investigator. ;) We taught about the restoration and the book of mormon and he said he was so excited to read it! Me and Syster Heaps were so happy and high on the spirit, we went home dancing singing this song 'God is Good!' It was a happy day. :)

We've had a pretty busy filled week this week and meeting a lot of new investigators. We had one last district meeting this transfer also and had a yummy lunch made by the Watsons.

We met with this sweet young girl from Poland this week too. She is such a sweetheart and said she has met missionaries for years. She wanted us to help her with her english homework and we happily agreed. :) We went in thinking it would be a piece of cake but it was pretty tricky haha. We all kept laughing together at how hard it was and how even us english speakers didn't get it.

Sunday was just beautiful and much needed. Always. So many great talks and lessons and so much of the spirit felt. :) In relief society we talked about Utchdorfs talk, 'Fourth Floor, Last Door.' Such a good one. Definitely can relate to that one. After church we had a yummy dinner with the sweet Jansson family! Their daughter Hanna just got back from her mission in Greece. She was so sweet and telling us all about her mission and crazy to compare our missions. We talked about how fast time goes as well.

Anyways, it was a great week. Took some fun pictures and just lovin' life. 'God is good, all of time! All of the time, God is good!' Just a quote form the song me and Syster Heaps love. ;) Hope you all had a good week. Hejdå for now. :)

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

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