Monday, March 14, 2016

Innebandy and the Mean Librarian!

Hej hej allihopa! This week has been good. Me and Syster Hong have just been loving life! The sun is starting to come out and the snow is melting so that's a blessing. :) For P-Day last week I gave Hong some more Sundsvall tours and we got some lunch at Expresso House.

We met some nice people this week too. This one dude we met at the library was athiest and said he was only interested in how we learn Swedish so fast. We talked to him about our språk study and that we said we believe God helps us mostly. ;) He chuckled. He then asked us what would be our reaction if our faith was not real? I said well, I guess I would be devastated because it's brought me so much happiness. I then asked the question back at him and said what he would do if he found out God was real? He was like hmmm, I would be like 'What the heck!!' haha. He was funny.

This week a lot of people 'Hade bråttom' (In a hurry) on the streets and didn't want to talk to us. It was rough and one night I said a prayer that we could just find one person that was interested. The very next day we talked to three people who switched numbers with us! :) Prayers work haha. I feel like the weather effects people tremendously as well. The dark cold gloomy days no one wants to talk and the sunny bright happy days everyone is at least nice to have a short conversation with us. ;)

We met with this investigator at the library this week too and this old librarian came up to us and was like 'We're closing soon.' And we like okay. :) She then turned around and was like 'Oh, one more thing. I know everyone is allowed to come here but if it were up to me, you guys would not be welcomed here. No one wants to listen to your crap and you're wasting your time being missionaries here. Just something to think about.' I was shocked it was so mean. Our investigator was shocked too. Sass here in Sweden I tell ya...

We got to go up to Umeå this week for Zone Training as well so that was fun! The Beckstrands were there and they made us this yummy lunch! We got to watch the new Påsk (Easter) Film. :)

During the weekend we set up branch Innebandy! It was the first time I've played it and its so fun! It's like hockey without the ice. I can't remember the last time I played sports probably when I was at the MTC! It was a blast and we all got Big Boy's after for lunch.

Sunday was great me and Syster Hong taught Sunday school with a totally of three people there. ;) It was great nonetheless! We taught about Andevärlden, (The Spirit World) and how big of a blessing it is. We then had Sunday dinner with Mattias and Jennifer Larsen's family. They have the cutest kids! Cute little Casper was showing us all his Rubix Cubes and he had one that was huge!! Like 100by100 or something. We showed them the new Easter film too.

It was an overall great week. Shout out to all my friends who recently started missions! I've been thinking about you all a lot. In fact I think about all my friends on missions and it makes me happy all the sacrifices you all are making! Missions really are the best and I love hearing about the adventures you guys are having! Love you all and talk to you next week. :)

Syster Davis
​Norrland Zone in Umeå!
Getting a tan in the sun.
​Norrtåg party with the District.

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