Monday, May 23, 2016

Last week with Adamsson!

Hey there! This week was jammed packed with stuff to do! This was Sys Adamsson's last week in Sweden so everyone invited us over for dinner woot woot. :) Such a week. I can not believe how quick this transfer has gone.

For P-day we met up with some missionaries at this cool Museum in Stockholm! It's called the Nordiska Museet and it all a lot of different artifacts in there from all these different eras. We all explored and had some McDonalds too lol. We had another FHE with the Robinsons again too. Love them!

The next day we decided to visit our favorite little Vällingby spot and go kontakting all day and talk to everyone people since we were so busy to rest of the week to do it. We met this really nice guy named Pascal who was strolling his little baby along as we stopped him. We was so friendly and bought us soda! He was from Africa and his girlfriend was a Swede. He kept calling his baby his 'cappuccino baby' lol. So cute. Later we went to this ladies house who made us this yummy broccoli cheddar soup! I told her it reminded me of Disneyland and she was so happy.

Our missionary correlation meeting this week was so fun too! Our amazing mission leader Kristopher invited us over for breakfast and study at his house. It was super fun and we even did some rolspel. We got so spoiled this week. :)

We had our Train the Trainers meeting this week too! Every Syster from my MTC is training! We soon will be the oldest Systers in the mission. So crazy. Syster Wilson, Anderson, and McClatchie will also be training too. They are even younger than us! It's so exciting. :) Shout out to the cute greenies coming in!! You're in for a treat. :) This week was a special week too in Sundsvall. Muhammad and Samira and two more of their neighbors got baptized!! So happy for them and wish I could of seen it. :) Miss Sundsvall so much! Love how much the Lord is hastening his work. :) Life is so good!

The next day we had a huge Chinese feast made by Teng and Na! They honestly are the best people ever. They gave me and Syster Adamsson some more presents too! Some stuffed animals lol and cat and a wolf named Tenger and Fiona. They always call us their angels too. It is the cutest thing ever. ❤

We got to go do baptisms in the Stockholm temple too!! It was so cool to finally get to go in and hear the baptisms in Swedish. I got chills it was so beautiful. We were going to go with Emilliano the new convert but he didn't end up getting to go due to the timing. :( Oh well, just means we'll have to go again sometime. :)

Söndag was great too. Syster Adamsson gave her dying testimony. It was so sweet. I also threw a funeral for her this week too (we do that to missionaries who are going home haha).

It was fun! I wrote her a little eulogy. We had a fun dinner at the Woods this week too! So grateful for all the fun and excitement we've had this week. The next time I write I will be with my little greenie! I am so nervous but very excited at the same time. :) I know the Lord will guide me. Can't wait to get her on Wednesday! Wish me luck and see you next week. :)

Syster Davis

Nordiska Museet!

​Beautiful Stockholm!

More Stockholm. :)

​Visiting Jai in her summer home again!

​Temple in Stockholm!

​Teng and Na's Chinese food!!

​The famous Teng and Na!

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