Monday, May 16, 2016

I'm gonna be a Trainer!!

Hej hej underbara manniskor! Hope you all had a great week. :) This week was oh so fun. On P-Day us missionaries met to the beautiful Handen and played games. I can't even describe how pretty it was. There was a huge green grass field and a huge lake with all these forest trees around and hike paths all around. There were people tanning in swimsuits all around too lol. Some, not even in anything clothes...ha. It was a great day nonetheless. We had FHE with the Robinsons again in the evening so that's always fun. We had the spiritual thought and we shared the starfish story and making a difference and read D&C 18:10.

The next day was my Birthday! It was a good day. :) We went on splits with the STLs so I was with the amazing Syster Harkness. We went to this yummy Italian cafe called Vapianos. It was to die for! Then we just went out talking to people the rest of the day in Vällingby. We talked to this hilarious American guy who laughed at us when we asked him what he believed. He was like, 'You don't wanna hear my opinion.' And I was like like 'what of course we do! That's why were here, to hear everyone's opinion!' ;) And he was like okay if you say so. ;) So he went off for an hour picking apart all the stories in the Bible telling us how they were impossible to be true. For example, 'When Moses parted the Red Sea, there were too many old grandmas and grandpas who could not of walked that far a distant across.' lol I found it funny that he thought the trek across the Red Sea was more impossible than the sea actually splitting. ;) He was super nice though and we told him all about the book of mormon and said he never heard of it and would love to read it. We gave him one right there and he told us to come back in one year and he would have it memorized. haha! Cool dude. :) Anyways ya it was a nice day. We got icecream too. Oh and the elders made some banana bread. ;) So weird to be 20 years old! Best way to spend my birthday, being a missionary. :)

We met with sweet Jai and Kenneth this week too. They texted us and told us to meet at their adorable Swedish summer cabin! It was the cutest place I've ever seen! They had this table outside and all this Fika for us. :) We taught about the Jesu Kristi Evangeliet, while enjoying the sunny day and listening to the birds sing.

We met with Teng and Na this week as well. :) We had no translator this week so we körde with google translate and scriptures! It actually went really well. The Lords hand was definitely in that. They even agreed to be baptized in July! So exciting. :) Love them so much! The elders investigator Fredrick got baptized this week too. It was such a great day. Teng and Na came and watched too and took pictures of the whole thing. So cute. :)

Sunday was nice too. Back to the normal ward and it felt like it has been so long since I've seen people since we had Stavs conference last week. We had some nice meetings and I met the Woods, who knew my best friend Katie Mason and her family back home! Such a small world! He served with Katie's Dad in Norway. :)

Later in the evening we got an exciting call from President Beckstrand who told us....I WAS GOING TO BE A TRAINER!! Or in missionary terms, I'M GONNA HAVE A BABY! ;) Best news ever. :) 7 new Systers will be coming next week to start their mission here in Sweden. I am so excited for this next adventure. I'm so excited and scared because I now I really have to know Swedish. :O lol. It's going to be a great growing experience and I know the Lord is going to have to help me a lot. Can't wait to hear who my greenie is and I will try my best to be the best mom to her! ;)

That's all for this week. :) I apologize for being a weak writer haha. English and Writing aren't my strength so thanks for bearing with me. ;) Have a great week and vi hörs nästa vecka!

Syster Davis
​Hallå värld!
Beautiful Handen!

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