Monday, May 30, 2016

First week with Holley. :)

This week was just wonderful and so eventful! On Monday we all gathered at the YSA center and played games and Syster Adamson met up with her MTC group to have one last gathering together. It was a fun one. Later in the evening we went out to the boonies of Mörsta and had dinner with the sweet Nilsson Family. Lars Nilsson and his sweet little wife from Norway. We had the most amazing Norwegian food and chatted in swedish/norwegian. De är så sötta;)

The next day was Greenie Kontakting day! Since we are serving in the Stockhom area, we were the lucky ones chosen to take the greenies out kontakting their first day. :) It was so great to meet them all and tell them a little about Sweden. We we're allowed to tell them that we were going to be trainers either. ;) It was fun trying to guess who I would be training. :) We had a delicious lunch and then we headed back to Jakobsberg to have one last dinner with the Robinsons before Syster Adamsson left. She requested a huge breakfast for dinner. :) It's been such a good transfer together and it's weird that she is home now! Gonna miss Adamsson.

Finally the day came we have all been waiting get our greenies!! It was such a party. We met at the Täby chapel and all the trainers snuck to the back room to hide. ;) We were all so giddy and going crazy about how excited we were. After their little meeting we came in and did the same thing when I first got here. The little 'Harry Potter' type-thing letter opening thing and found out who were getting. There were 7 Systers who just came in from the MTC and 3 who just came in from VISA waiting.

They opened their letters and I got the sweet little Syster Sarah Holley!! She was on of the Visa waiters and the most cutest thing I've ever seen. She graduated in 2015 and went to BYU for a little bit. She is studying Linguistics so she is soooo good at Swedish already. :) Seriously though, we went to our first little meeting together with this sweet lady in the ward and it was all in Swedish. I was excepting little Holley to not really be able to know what was going on but she totally did and chatted back so easily! I was so impressed and am so lucky. :) I remember barley saying a word when I first got to Sweden lol. Hon är så duktig. ❤

It rained a lot this week too which was perfect since Holley loves the rain! ;) It was fun to show her all around the area and show her the busses and stuff. It's been such an experience training. I feel inadequate but I have seen the Lord by my side the whole time and everything has just been great.

We even met this Orthodox lady on the street who couldn't believe we have been in Sweden for such a short time and knew Swedish! She said she knows we have to gift of tongues. We even explained to her all about the Book of Mormon and she said she could feel in her heart that what we were saying was true. So cool. :)

We went to Jai's summer home this week too so that was fun. We also met with Teng and Na and our chinese translator friend Jasemin came along as well! It was a great lesson. They talked for a long time together in chinese. It's great for them to be able to ask about the gospel and here about it in their own tongue, not from google translate lol. We met this Finnish guy on the street too who bible bashed us so that was interesting haha. I was kinda like uhhh...and then Holley stepped up to the plate and talked to him and I was like what the heck, so impressed again! ;) Love her so much.

Church was great too. It was mothers day in Sweden so all the cute Primary kids went up and did an entire program for sakrament! It was adorable. I got to translate for these two people from Syria too! They only knew Arabic so I used google translate for them and they were so happy. They gave me and Holley a kiss on the head as a sign of respect too. It was so sweet. I just love Persians.

Anyways all and all this week was good and I am so grateful to be a trainer to the sweetest greenie ever. She already has taught me so much and it has only been a week! So excited to see what the next ones bring. :) I love seeing how much the Lord really is there for us too. I know this is His work and I'm grateful to be apart of it. Enjoying everyday here and I hope you all have a fantastic summer! Bye for now. :)

Syster Davis

P.s. Gonna show Holley all around Stockholm today!

​Going to Jakobsberg! :)

​Be and little Holley on the bus. :)

​Jai's artsy summer house in the rain.

​Selfie Sunday in the Swedish fields. They gave us flowers at church. :)

Sundbyberg färg

​Our favorite Chinese friends. :)

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