Monday, May 9, 2016

Glad Mors Dag!

Hallå igen! Denna vecka var spennande. Last P-day almost all the Stockholm missionaries decided to meet up at this huge field and play futbol and frisbee and stuff. It was so great. Me and Syster Hall mostly just watched and chatted about life and going crazy over the fact we pasted our 6 month mark! It was a nice, sunny, relaxing, much needed day. :) We then had FHE with the sweet senior couple the Robinson again! They decorated their whole place and made everything Italian themed. It was so cute. :)

The next day we met with this sweet lady named Kristin. She took us out to the cutest little Swedish bakery and we talked about chastity haha. It was funny because every single person that walked by, was Kristins friend and to every one of them she said, 'Hej! These fine young ladies are teaching about chastity today, come listen!' and they all just gave awkward chuckles and a little eye'rolls lol. It was cute to see her try to reach out to all her friends about gospel.

We met up with Marilu this week too, and Emilliano, and Temmen, and Dues. They're all great people and I could talk about all of them for hours. ;) Just know they are amazing and I wish I had more time to write novels about each of them.

This week, there was another Swedish holiday. (surprise surprise lol) Its called Kristi Himmelfärdsdag! Also known as a day to celebrate Jesus' going back up to heaven after he was resurrected. :) Most people celebrate it by having no work and going out partying and getting drunk. Go figure haha. Even on a holiday about Jesus, still, no one wants to talk to us about him. Kinda sad actually. :/ Oh well, gotta make the best of it. :)

We had a Specialized Zone training this week too! We decided to gather a little bit earlier and throw a mini Mothers Day party for Syster Beckstrand to thank her for all she has done and since she is our mission mom. ;) She was so happy and tear'd up a little bit! It was a great meeting mostly about how it's good to be organized and they showed us some good ways to plan. (I think it was aimed more towards the elders because us Systers are already great planners and schedulers lol). I learned a lot though.

Oh we met with Teng and Na this week too! They gave us these little chinese keychains as gifts. :) We watched the resoration på kineiska!

We had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday in Hägersten too. It was a great meeting. We met so many nice people and had some really great talks. I got to meet the amazing Elena Schelin too! :) She is this Swedish Photographer me and my mom were obsessed with at home. We always joked that I had to find her and her cute family on my mission and then all of a sudden they walked into Stavs Conference! I had a mini heart-attack! ;) I had to get a picture with her. :)

After church we met up with our mission leader Kristopher Kääriä! He is hilarious. He also grew up in Sundsvall so I know all his family! Super fun. He invited us all over to his apartment so we could skype our families. :) We made yummy tacos and just chatted. He was showing us all these beautiful pictures of all his trips. After we ate we set up the Skype! It was sooo great seeing my family again. :) We chatted about plans to come pick me up next year. Seriously that hour we skyped felt like one minute. It was so hard to say goodbye and we started tearing up. Crazy to think the next time I skype with them will be the last time! After Kristopher made us this yummy fruit salad.

I alla fall, It was a great week and we're soaking up the sun as much as we can. :) Hope you all had a fun Mothers Day! I'm so grateful for my mama and all she's done for me. Seeing her yesterday was the highlight of my year. I love her with all my heart and can't wait to see her in April. ❤ Until next week, hejdå!
Syster Davis
​Matching Fjällräven to our clothes lol.
​Meeting cute Elena Schelin. :) (Our favorite photographer!)
​Pretty View.
​Tack så mycket Kristopher.
​Blossoms are blooming!

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