Monday, June 6, 2016

Stockholm Overload

Hejsan härliga manniskor! Sorry this letter is going to be a little short but all and all this week was great. We got a lot of great pictures from our Stockholm sight-seeing extravaganza! I'll be sending a lot of those to you all.

This week was a little hard since almost all our lessons got canceled so we had a lot of finding activities. ;) We decided to use släktforskning (geneology) while kontankting people on the streets and it worked so well! (My mama would be so proud) ;)

We had a fun little nature walk with our friend Peter this week too. The weather was phenomenal this week. I hope it stays this nice for midsommar in 3 weeks. ;)

This week was graduation for a lot of the Swedish seniors here too so to celebrate they gather in these huge trucks and scream and dance all through the streets of stockholm and pour soda/possibly alcohol all over everthing and everyone. haha It was a sight to see! So weird because I feel like I just graduated but that was almost 2 years ago.

We had zone conference this week too! It was a great meeting about temples and cool stories about different ones all around the world! We picked up some Thai food for lunch. Det var toppen.

We got to teach Na this week too so that was great! She told us she was pregnant and we were so happy! Teng is going to be in China for a little bit so he will be missed. They kept telling us that this child was a huge blessing from God. So cute. :) Hope to meet their little baby someday!

Luis got baptized this week too! It was an amazing day filled with the spirit. At church this creepy oldguywmet on the bus showed up to church with all these flowers for us! It was nice but I think he wants us to marry him so that's interesting. lol Fast sunday was great though. Cute Holley introduced herself to the ward. We talked to some people n the way home and then just did some scripture study together.

It was a nice week and the summer vibes here are so cheerful! I love how lugt everyone is. Have a great summer everyone and har det så gott och njutar solen!

Syster Davis

​Promenad med Peter

Stockholm Conference

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