Monday, June 27, 2016


Hejsan hejsan! This week was so fun tack vare Midsommer. :) First though, on P-Day we meet up with our favorite Täby Systers (McClatchie and Young) and and went on the most beautiful little Stockholm boat ride ever. Our bus cards got us on them totally free! The weather was perfect, and there were tourists and cruiseships eveywhere. There were all these little houses and islands all through the port. We all kept saying how we can't believe we are actually here right now. It felt surreal. After we got ice cream and checked out the kings palace. :)

We met with Maria this week too. She is hilarious and she just loves telling us all her great life stories. She speaks very fast Swedish so it's hard to understand her sometimes but we manage. We talked about family history with her and she got so excited. Syster Holley was telling her about her family from Sweden and Maria said she had family in the same city! We joked how maybe they were related and how maybe they are long lost cousins. ;) Could be true though! She told us a funny dream she had about a Monk (m-oo-nk in swedish lol) and a black dog (svart hund) and said she was related to the Monk. Haha intressant. We love her.

We had some great lessons this week too. All I'm going to say it's really hard to be a Syster Missionary at times. We don't really know if people are really interested in the gospel or they just want to meet with us because we are 'nice girls from America''s a struggle sometimes.

The highlight of this week though was the Midsommar weekend!! Midsommar is a huge summer holiday in Sweden comparable to Christmas! The stake/community in Stockholm put on this huge party for it down at this beautiful national park! It is a tradition that it pours rain every single year during the holiday but it didn't this year! :) So happy. Everyone decorates this huge May pole with flowers and such and then they raise it and we all sing and dance around it. Me, Sys Holley, Hall, and Gil went to the flowercrown-making hut and made crowns! We even gathered our own flowers and plants for them. :) It was so fun. There were so many missionaries down there and a huge tug-of-war tournament as well! Best day Ever.

On the bus ride back this Swedish lady asked us about our name tags. :) We were like oh yeah Mormon is our nickname! Have you heard of it before? and she was like, 'Wait what you're mormon? You guys look like normal people though!' We explained to her that we were indeed normal people haha. We told her we don't drink alcohol or smoke or stuff like that and she was happy.

They celebrate two days of Midsommar here so me and Holley decided to take a little trip to the little Swedish town of Sigtuna! Wow it was gorgeous. Definitely taking my family here next year. It actually was the first spot in Sweden I went to when I first got here back in December! So many memories. Sys Holley loves vikings and there were so many runes here so she was in heaven. There we're a lot of tourists there also and some of them were secretly taking pictures of Syster Holley's beautiful red hair. ;) Så roligt. We then visited this castle and hiked through a forest to get there. Me and Holley both agreed we felt like we were in 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'A Room with a View.' People were celebrating everywhere we went. :) Afterwards our favorite American family the Mitchells invited us over for dinner with the Elders and Don, Camillo, and Felicia. It was such a great holiday weekend.

When all the Holidays were over it was so depressing haha. We woke up the next day just so sad because we knew it was all over. It even was pouring rain. So tråkigt lol. Our great sunday meeting though made it better and so many sweet people invited us over this week. I can't even describe how much I love it here. I'm so grateful for this culture, these amazing people and this opportunity to be a missionary in this beautiful country. I know the Lord is watching out for us and is guiding us everyday. I feel blessed everyday to be serving for Him. I know He's changing me so much out here. I love Him and I'm grateful for all the happiness we've had this week.

Hope you all had a great week as well, thanks for all your prayers and support. Jag älskar er. Vi ses nästa vecka!

Många kramar
Syster Davis

Stockholm Port!

Stockholm båt ride.

​Premidsommar faces! :)

​Flower crown hut.

May Pole

Syster Gil, Hall, and Holley

Happy. :)

​Missionary Midsommar fun!


​Sigtuna Houses.

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