Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Lovin' VASA

Hej hej this week was a blast. It started with us having such a fun national Sweden Day on P-Day! Some of us missionaries went down to the VASA museet. It is this huge Swedish Boat that sunk just out of the harbor in 1628 because the Swedish king put too many canons on it lol. It was such a sight to see! We then walked around Stockholm and watched a little parade celebrating the Swedish Holiday. There were Swedish flags everywhere. :) This member from Peru who only knew spanish stopped us on the train too and was so excited to see missionaries! So cute. :)

We had splits this week too. Syster Holley got to go up to Uppsala with Syster Harkness and Syster Mecham came down here to Jakobsberg. It was super fun. We did some usually contakting and this dude we talked to went off for about 30 minutes about how he was some kind of spy so that was interesting. We found this cool compass stature too. Later we met with this sweet member named Renee. We had a great conversations with her. She made us some authentic swedish chocolate pudding. Det var toppen. :)

The next day we switched back and headed to Täby for distrikt möte. It was fun. We got pizza and salad after. Såååå bra. We have the best distrikt ever.

This week we had dinner with the amazing Mitchell Family as well! They seriously are my favorite. They are from American but have lived in Sweden for a while. They have the most beautiful house I have ever seen. They had a trampoline too that I jumped on and a mini tennis court in their backyard! So many friends came over and they made us some classic american cheese burgers. :) It felt like I was at home again. Love them so much! Nice talking to Americans too. ;)

Me and Holley went to Skatteverket to get her her personnumber this week too! It felt like yesterday Me and my mama Brink went to get mine and now I got to take Holley to get hers. ;) So many feels lol.

We had a lesson this week with our really good fried Jai. She is from Thailand and she made us this amazing cake! We talked about temples and how grateful we are for them and how strong the spirit is in them. We all shared cool experiences we've had in them and cool miracles that have happened. It was so great. I love having deep talks. :) We planned to meet again and go together to see the Stockholm temple soon! Love Jai so much.

Me and Holley just got incredibility lost this week too. We weren't complaining though because we got to go through the most gorgeous forest ever. We both agreed we felt like we were in Lord of the Rings. ;)

Sunday was super super busy. We had so many visitors come so that was great! These two sweet girls from Gävle came down to visit Jakobsberg ward. :) Our friends Reza and Mohammad came too so that was cool. They said they loved how happy they felt at church! And they said we were angels haha. Nicki gave her farewell talk too. She is leaving on her mission to the Salt Lake City Temple Square mission soon. She is going to be so great and I want to find her there next year. :)

Any who, this week was good and the next few weeks are going to be even greater! We have Midsommer and Mission Tour coming up. :) So happy for summer and to be able to spend it in this beautiful country! I love Sverige and I love sharing gospel!! Life is good. Tack för att ni lyssnar till mig. Jag saknar er och hoppas ni har en underbar vecka. :) Hejdå!

Syster Davis

​Distrikt Lunch

National Swedish Day

​Swedish Parade. :)


​Photo creds to Kristopher

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