Monday, June 20, 2016

Mission Tour!

Good morning alla. This week was quite eventful! First things first me and Holley had a great P-Day! We decided to do some sight-seeing and check out the Hässelby Slott. :) It was super cute and had a fun little backyard garden. Our best friends (senior missoinary couple) the Robinsons invited us to the cool underground Swedish Record Archives as well! They showed us all around the different floors and chambers of records. :) It was so incredible! They even let us hold this huge book from the 1600s! Jättecool. They had us all over for dinner this week too. :) De är toppen!

We had mission tour this week also!! Äldste and Syster Dyches from the 70 came and talked to us. It was a great meeting and training. They gave us some tips about missionary work and we had a question and answer session with them. Four zones in the mission all gathered together for it! We even did a fun little origami activity with Äldste Dyches. ;) It was so great to see almost my entire MTC group as well. We got many pictures and caught up on life. They seriously are my family here. :) Love them.

This week me and Syster Holley decided we really wanted to find a new person to teach since we haven't had so many in a while. We said a very faithful prayer and 'ironed our skirts' ;) and went out determined to find someone the Lord would put in our path. It was the usual hand-in-the-face by everyone we talked to but this last lady we contacted, stopped and listened. :) She then went on to tell us that she was a Medium! Just like Theresa Caputo. ;) I asked her if she knew the show Long-island Medium and she said yeah. I told her me and my mom loved that show haha. We then brought out a Book of Mormon and she flipped out! She grabbed it and her eyes grew super wide. Me and Holley looked at eachother confused haha. She then asked us, 'Is this a Book of Mormon?... Can I please buy this from you?!' We were shocked and happily told her it was free. :) She was shocked as well and told us she was going to read it and meet with us again with many questions! We told her it talked a little about the spirit world and what happens after this life and she was so excited. She then gave us two huge hugs and left. Afterwards we both jumped for joy and knew the Lord guided us to her. :) We said a thank you prayer.

The amazing Don and Camillo got baptized this week as well! They are these two young guys who have been investigating the church. They are some of the greatest people I have ever met and are so knowledgeable in the scriptures. They've had so many miracles happen to them with the scriptures. Me and Holley chatted with them after church for a long time and shared some amazing spiritual experiences we've had. It was so fun. :) Vi älskar dem!

I alla fall, this week has been great. So many great things happening in Jakobsberg and I am so blessed to be a part of it. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for the future. :) We are also so stoked for Midsommar this week! It's going to be a fun one. Love you all and until next week.

Syster Davis

​Me and Holley in another skog. :)

​Cute houses.

​Pretty field we found on the way to a members house!


Swedish Archive Chamber!

​MTC family.

​Mission Tour! Ä.Scott and Moultron :)

​Some Artsy daisies vi hittade.

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