Monday, July 4, 2016

So many farewells!

Happy 4th of July allihopa! Shoot lots of fireworks and grill lots of hamburgers for me. For P-Day we are having a little forth of July fest in Stockholm so that should be fun. :) Last monday we decided to go thrift shopping. We found all these Swedish Harry Potter books for very cheap so that was fun. It will be cool to read those when I get home. We hit up H&M too (typist). ;)

This week was pretty normal though. Still kind of in the post-holiday blues but we are getting through it! We had dinner with the Robinsons, Cisternas, Inger, and the Garcias this week too so that was something that really lifted our spirits. I love the members here!! They take good care of us.

The highlight of this week was probably seeing my Stake President (Robert Davis) from home and his family! I love the Davis' so much. :) We met up in T-central and just caught up on life. It was such a dream seeing them it didn't feel real. So great seeing friends form home. :) Tiffany and Robert both served missions here in Sweden and they were here on vacation to visit! Such a great treat to get to be with them. Miss them already but I'll see them again soon in the Spring.

Our favorite assistant Äldste Hemmingson had his funeral (farewell fest) this week as well. The Beckstrands came too so that was a fun surprise. He has been the assistant since I came to Sweden so it is sad to see him leave. :( We are going to miss him so dearly and all the laughs we had. The Beckstrands made a little farewell video for him! So sweet.

This week was our good friend, Nicki de Souza's farewell party too! She's in the Jakobsberg församling and is leaving to serve a mission in the Salt Lake Temple Square mission on Wednesday. :) So excited for her. I told her I will find her and speak Swedish to her when I go back to school. ;) She is the sweetest ever and her farewell fest was filled with so many tears and hugs. She is going to be the best. ❤

We met with Na this week too. We are so excited because Teng comes back this week too and we are getting them ready for their baptism. :) So excited for them. They are so adorable. Random, but we also talked to this sassy french guy on the street as well. Syster Holley took 5 years of french so she is basically fluent lol. They went off back and forth. It was a sight to see. ;)

On Sunday we got to teach primary so that was cute! We taught about temples and drew pictures together. It was really fun. It was fast sunday too and Castleton-Rudolf gave his farewell testimony because he is moving to Göteborg. Me and Holley are still safe in Jakobsberg another transfer! So happy. :) It feels like home here now. So grateful for the people I get to be with everyday and it's sad how fast the time has to go. The Lord really has a hand in this work and I know he's put these people in my life for a reason. Making every single day count. Till next week.

Syster Davis :)

The sweet Davis' who came to see us. :)

​Hejdå Castleton-Rudolf, vi kommer att saknar dig

​Creepy selfies with Nicki. Don't hate me for sending this. ;) Gonna miss you!

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