Monday, July 25, 2016

Så många saker

Every week is getting faster and faster and I swear I just emailed a day ago haha. Sorry you all get so many emails stored up in your inbox. ;) anyways I hit my 9 month mark this coming week and it feels so weird. Half way done, what is life. Excited to see what the next 9 brings. :)

We hit up the beautiful Vaxholm this last P-Day. We took a long bus through this pretty landscape to get there. The weather was perfect and the vibes were so happy. We walked around this huge fortress and took pictures with these swedish cannons while we ate ice cream. It was such a great day.

We had correlation meeting this week with Kristoffer too! It was fun we had dinner at his house while we had our meeting. He always makes fun of our Swedish so that's great lol. He's also in charge of Festinord (this big YSA scandiavian fest) this year so he's been giving us all these details about that. He even told us it's going to be in Stockholm again next year! So stoked about that and hopefully I can go next year!

We visited our old lady friend Maria this week too. She's crazy haha. She told us all these stories about how she put the Russian Mafia in prison and how she's a secret spy? Watch she really is and I'm just being a jerk not believing her. ;) She loves us so much. We read some sciptures with her as well and talked about the second coming and stuff. She was like, 'There is no hope for Sweden...' and started laughing really hard in this crazy evil laugh. She's a funny one.

Distrikt meeting was so fun this week. We did some hilarious role-plays. Äldste Bailey pretended to be a warrior fro Lord of the Rings investigating the church and the missionaries did a good job of tying the gospel into his needs of larping. ;)

We met with the STLs this week also! I was with Syster Woolsey. She is the sweetest thing ever and we had such a fun time together. We talked to a lot of nice people and while we were walking back home this random huge van drove past us and a dude stuck his head out at us and yelled, 'BOO!' We both screamed at the top of our lungs and started laughing and we were just so confused haha.

We did some service at this lady's house too with the elders so that was cool, we learned a lot of patience there. ;)

Even though this week has been good it also has been very hard. Sweet Syster Holley has been going through a lot this week. She has been having some health problems and has met with some doctors. Sadly, she will be having to go home next week. :( It is been really sad for the both of us. We knew this would be our last week together so we made it as fun as we could. Even though it has been hard we both said agreed we feel peace and that it was the right thing. The Lord knew this would happen and we are grateful for his comfort this past week. I am so grateful for the time I have had with her and the amazing memories we shared. Syster Holley, I love you so much. Thank you for having so many laughs with me and teaching me how to play chess, and enlightening me with your Lord of the Rings and Linguistics knowledge. :) It amazes me how intelligent you are. Most importantly thank you for being my Syster and being there for Teng and Na. They needed you more than anyone else. I know the Lord placed you in their path for a reason. Tack för att du finns och jag kommer att saknar dig. Vi ses snart och jag älskar dig. :) God speed.

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

p.s. We will watch Lord of the Rings på svenska together someday. :)

Swedish vaxholm cannons!

​Vaxholm exploration.


Signing the Vaxholm guest book. 'Jag älskar Vaxholm!'

​Stockholm zone (from zone training)

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