Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy 4th!

Happy July everyone! Sadly the swedes don't celebrate Amercia independence day but us missionaries sure do. We had a little grill fest on P-Day so that was fun. The Woods made us these amazing hamburgers. Me and Syster Holley were a little sad though to see no fireworks. :( Oh well we always have next year.

We got to meet all the new greenies this week too so that is always fun. Perks of living in Stockholm. One of them was even in my EFY group back in 2012! What a small world. :) I went with the sweetest syster ever named Syster Greeff. She was adorable and had no fear talking to every person who came her way. Love her greenie fire.

This sweet lady Mira invited us over for lunch too. She and her friend are from Slovenia! So cool. Her and Syster Holley talked a lot about languages and we helped her translate this thing to english. She was so sweet.

Transfers were this week as well so we got a new distrikt leader! Äldste Blackburn!! :) He is the best and has literally been companions with so many elders in my MTC group so that's fun. We had our first distrikt meeting with everyone and it was great. We got a new assistant as well Äldste Halterman. He is hilarious and we all went around and told everyone our secret talents. Such a great distrikt already at week 1.

Teng just got back from China this week also! He came back with gifts for me and Syster Holley. Each our own fancy chopstick set!! So sweet. :) We met with Teng and Na a lot this week to get them ready for their baptismal interview. :) They are the cutest things ever. Teng kept saying. 'I belive!' in english in his chinese accent. Äldste Blackburn interviewed them and said they are so prepared! They get baptized this Saturday and I could not be more excited for them. :) Me and Syster Holley plan to give talk in Swedish and in Chinese. We'll see how it goes. ;)

We talked to some interesting people this week too. These two drunk guys who begged us to help them fix their phone (we did) and another fellow who went in for a kiss on the cheek lol. Lots of nice people here in the city of Jakobsberg! We got some lunch with the elders this week too at kebab pizza! So delectable.

Sunday was great too. I was asked to give a talk so that was scary but I think it went well! It was about how the Adversary (Motståndaren) wants us to think we are alone in the world and how he wants us to think God has abandoned us or doesn't exist at all. I shared some experiences I have had were I knew the Lord was there for me and I was grateful I didn't listen to the adversary. It was a happy sunday and Teng and Na were there too. :)

Love you all and thanks for all your love. Till nästa vecka! Kram!
Syster Davis

​Our own chopstick sets! :) Tack Teng and Na.

Learned how to say my name in Chinese.

​Fourth of July outfits on fleek.

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