Monday, November 21, 2016

Dinner at Pablo's!

Hej hej! This week was just wonderful. :) Me and Syster Christoffersen had a great P-Day shopping together. We got some new winter gear for the winter which is coming upon us. We hit up the nearest thrift store and got some really good buys. We then had a fun family home evening hos familjen Svensson! It was so fun and we played this Swedish word game with some of the Örebro ysa and ate some popcorn.

Every Tuesday the missionaries here do service with this sweet member named Vedel. :) We got to the church and rake all these leaves and vacum the whole church. We had a little fika afterwards with Vedel and Gregor. Gregor liked this winter hat I was wearing so he put on his Adventure Time Jake hat and said 'if you get to wear a cool hat so do I.' ;) Vad sött.

We had a relief society activty this week as well. It was by this lady who had depression and she shared with all of us her story and advice for anyone who was struggling with depression. We texted a few less actives to see if any wanted to come with us and this one called us and said she wanted to but was scared to go alone. We told her we would come with her and she was so happy. :) The whole night she kept calling us her daughters and how much she was grateful for us for inviting her to the activity.

We did a lot of kontakting this week as well. We have been trying to find some people to teach. It has been a little hard because rejection after rejection can be a little draining. Maybe 1 out of 20 people are nice to us. And even with that they usually aren't interested. There were a few days I just felt like a sucky missionary because we have not too many to teach and everyone was just putting their hands in our face or getting mad at us. This one personal study during this blue day, I read in the New Testament about Paul and it just lifted my spirits again. Paul was a missionary for so much of his life and it wasn't easy for him either. I loved reading and relating myself to Paul the whole time. I didn't feel like I was alone anymore. Thank goodness for the scriptures! They seriously are a life-saver. Being a follower of Christ is the most rewarding thing ever.

We had zone training this week as well in Södertälje! It was fun to see so many old missionary friends again. :) I got to see my baby (trainee) Syster Matwaychuk too! That was wonderful. I love her with all my heart. Our STLs Syster Anderson and Syster Campbell did a great section on how we can come closer to Christ in our life. These trainings are always just what I need. Our zone leaders Elder Carrigan and Pärkää shared with us the new Christmas initative #lighttheworld so that was fun! Love getting to do Christmas kontankting. It makes people a little more open. :) We then went to a pizza resturant and got to catch up med varandra.

The next day was stake conference!! And because us Örebro missionaries were in the stake choir, we got to go down to Stockholm to sing in it. :) Man it was sooo fun. It was the Stockholm stake so I saw so many members from Jakobsberg! So many great reunions and hugs. We stayed with the stockholm sisters and the Uppsala STLs were there too. I got to catch up with Syster Hall so that was great. :) Singing in the choir was so fun too. I've grown to love singing here on my mission! There is something so spiritually uplifting singing in Swedish. Love it.

After church, Pablo, this member from Gubbängen invited all the missionaries at stake conference over for dinner! It was such a fun gathering and we helped Pablo made 40 meat patties for everyone. It was such a great week and full of light and christmas cheer. :) So excited for the holidays coming up! Love you all and have a great Thanksgiving.
Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Me and Christoffersen. :)

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