Monday, November 7, 2016

Leaving the Mother Land

This week was crazy. We had a fun Halloween with our district at the church on P-Day and all dressed up to the best of our abilities. ;) Our little tripan came as minions lol. Pumpkins are too expensive here too so we just carved some bell peppers. We played some uno and found a really creepy graveyard to walk through. It was a great Halloween! Later in the evening we had a lesson with this guy and we kept laughing because he kept thinking we were saying Kebab during the lesson when we weren't lol.

The next day we went to swingby this lady who invited us over for dinner but she never answered so we just went trackting. We knocked on this door and this cute little asian lady opened. We started talking to her telling her who we were and then she just said, 'Vänta!(Wait)...' and came back with all this candy. We were like wait what no we aren't trick or treaters we are misisonaries with our church. :) Don't think she understood swedish or english that well but just said, 'Jag vet inte' and closed the door. ;)

The primary this week set up this big dinner for us and the adults so that was fun! Little Mya came around and filled up our drinks and served us food. Such a cutie.

We met with our favorite Gabriel this week as well! We taught him the last half of the plan of Salvation and he loved it. He said it just made sense (the three kingdoms) and that he had a desire the reach the highest. It was me and Campbell's last time seeing him so we took so goodbye pictures together and he kept saying 'Oh my gosh we are so cute. I love us.' Such a sweetheart. ;)

We met with Alan this week as well who was planning to get baptized on Sunday but ate a bad case of chicken kebab and got the stomach flu so we had to postpone sadly. Stinkin' Kebab lol.

Sadly we got transfer calls this week and our tripan will be coming to an end. :( I will be heading to Örebro with Syster Christoffrsen and Campbell will be heading to Södertälje with Syster Andersson and Eldridge will train in Helsingborg. We are so sad to leave eachother but it was a beautiful transfer together. So excited to see what Örebro has in store! :) Especially with the christmas season coming up!

The last sunday here was so tearful. Only being here for one transfer breaks my heart and I've gotten so close to the people here in such a short time. They feel like family and I am going to miss them dearly. Helsingborg has my heart. Seriously missions are the hardest. You have to say so many goodbyes constantly to the best people ever.

Love the time I had here and I know I will meet more amazing people in Örebro. :) Thanks for the love and hejdå for now!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

​Happy Halloween!

​My favorite Alicia. :)


​Malmstens. :)


​Cute Lucy from Cebuno.

​Last family pic.

​House trackting. Game face. On.

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