Monday, November 28, 2016

I'm thankful for...

Hello friends! Hur mår ni? Hope you all had a nice thanksgiving. The week here was just great. It started off with a nice P-Day at the top of Svampen! This huge mushrrom building we live by. We just had to climb to the top and see the cute little view of Örebro! Later in the evening we met with the sweet Knutsson family had us over for family home evening. They said we provide the spiritual thought and they provide the game and fika. ;) It was such a fun homey evening.

We had our normal service with Vedel this week so that was a treat. This time was special because we got to put up the Christmas tree in the church! So fun getting into the holiday spirit here. :) The STLs Syster Campbell and Syster Anderson came to for splits so that was fun! It was fun getting to be with my old comp Syster Campbell! I showed her all around Örebro and we kontaked the whole day. Loved being with her again.

Vedel and his cute wife Kerstin had us over for dinner this week too! They made us the Christmas traditionals and explained to us about the Swedish advent calendar where everyone in Sweden lights a candle 4 sundays before christmas every week for a little count down. We showed them the new christmas video too and they loved it.

Thanksgiving was this week as well. :) On the actual thanksgiving day we had nice distrikt meeting and did some funny roleplays together. Chatted with Äldste Harrell from San Clemente and Äldste Scott about life so that was fun. We went to a chinese buffet afterwards and had a grand ol time together. We then went kontakting for a while and then had a mini thanksgiving with us and Äldste Williams and Richardson at the church. I accidently bought alcoholic apple cider so that was a bust lol. It was a great day i alla fall!

We met with Ann and her daughter Vanessa this week too. We met Ann on the street a few weeks ago and she told us to call her anytime! We called her and she treated us to Lasanga. :) She spent most of her life in Rio so it was cool hearing about her life there. we taught her the restoration and she said wow, I believe it. Such a spiritual meeting and she said we could meet again soon. Her daughter Vanessa is a little autistic and she just had the sweetest smile whenever you would look at her. Love the amazing people we meet everyday. :)

Sunday was härligt! I shared my testimony since I just got to Örebro. We had a few investigators there so that was great. We had a little fika after church and then the Keanne family invited us over for a riktig Thanksgiving! :) Such a treat! They drove us to their beautiful house out in the nature and we had such a great time together. They had the cutest little kitten as well. Such a great Thanksgiving together. We all went around and said what we were thankful for.

I am grateful for hope. We have so much hope thanks to the gospel. Hope is something that gives us so much comfort and peace. It also gives a drive, and a purpose. With the gospel, knowing exactly why we are here and where we are going is such a burden lifted off our shoulders. That dosen't mean life is always easy but with hope in our Savior Jesus Christ, we can overcome any trial that comes into our lives. With him, we are promised happiness. We just have to endure and stay strong to the finish. Hope is what keeps us going everyday and having gratitude for the little things everyday can bring happiness to the soul. 'With joy, wend your way.' Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgving! :) Till next week!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis


​Christmas is coming. :)

​Örebro kapellet. Cutest chapel som finns!


​Splits with Cambie. :)

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