Monday, October 31, 2016

Nimis and Year-Mark!

Hejsaan allihopa! Wow this week was such a good one. :) We had such an adventure of a P-Day last week with some of the skåne missionaries. We went to a place called Nimis where this man built these huge drift wood castles for people to climb up. We met up with the Malmö missionaries and explored all around together. It was beautiful! After we had a nice swedish dinner with familjen Svensson! My friend Sissa's family! :) So cute to see her house and be with her parents. We played a little scripture game and ate apple dessert.

The next day we had lunch with the sweet Helmstads. The lived in the cutest little cottage with a nice oceanview. Brother Helmstad was the old bishop in Helsingborg! Him and Cecilia are so adorable. Cecilia likes to paint so it was fun seeing all her artwork around the house and to talk to her about painting. The house they live in was Cecilia's grandma's so it's so adorable and vintage. We were dying it was beautiful.

We called a lot of old investigators and tänkbara undersökare (potential investigators) this week who's numbers were still on the phone. One of them agreed to meet with us! His name was Jurgan and was from Albania and Italy. We met with him and said he was a strong believer in God and Christ and wanted to find truth. He came to the right place. ;) We taught about Mormons Bok and prophets and he was fascinated. It was a spiritual lesson.

This week at district meeting we talked about how we can best find people to teach. We agreed the best way is through the members referring their friends to us. It is so true! Members are the best missionaries. We then did a little grab-bag (game) and since it was me, Syster Campbell, and Äldste Banks year-mark-afton, for lunch we did a little burning ceremony of our old skirts/shirts to symbolize a year finshed. :) So crazy, doesn't feel real.

We found out this past week Syster Eldridge will be training!! Woohoo! We are so excited for her. :) But sadly, that means our tripan is coming to a close and me and Syster Campbell will probably be getting the boot out of Helsingborg. I love them so much and it has been a dream with them here. Sad to be leaving Helsingborg so soon but wherever I go next will be wonderful.

Syster Eldridge headed up to Stockholm for a trainers meeting for the day so it was just me and Campbell. Felt weird being back to two! We visited one of our bestie members Bonnie. :) She invited us over to come teach her husband Rex who has sparked an interest in the gospel! So stoked. We taught him the restoration and we asked him how he felt after and he said, 'Like warm in my heart, like crying.' We told him that was the spirit. It was just perfect having Bonnie there too to add her testimony to everything we taught. They thanked us so much after the lesson and said they wanted to adopt us. ;)

We had our usual dinner with the Malmstens this weekend too. We waited in the living room while Christer was finishing up the dinner and then all of a sudden he comes out with 5 pairs of glasses and an accordion and starts singing a show for us lol. It was wonderful and we cracked up and gave him an encore.

Sunday was underbar som alltid! Vi sjöng i kyrkan och det kände så stark med anden. We sang 'I Know that my Redeemer Lives' på svenska and it was so cute seeing the choir director tear-up. Me and Syster Campbell bore our testimonies as well. We sat next to Alicia Ocasio too and she drew this amazing picture of me and her. ;) I promised her we would go on a roadtrip someday after my mission and go to some fun concerts together since we love the same music.

After church we had dinner at the Wikströms. They were telling us about their fun trip to America this summer with the Bengstens. :) I said maybe I'll see them while they stop in California! We then all drove over to the Bengstens for this little dessert party for the Svensson's for their new calling in the temple presidency in Denmark Köpenhamn! So excited for them. :) We played Uno with the Helmstads and Robin and the Elders.

I alla fall, den här veckan har varit underbar! I can not believe it has been a year since I first stepped into the doors of the MTC not knowing how much would happen to my life in this short year of time. Dedicating this time in my life to the Lord has been one the greatest things I have ever done. He has been here everyday with me. I can't even describe how blessed I feel. Jag älskar evangeliet och allt der gör för andra. Det stor i Mosiah 2:17, 'And Behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom, that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.' It seriously is true happiness serving others. I love you all and have a fantastic Halloween.

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis



​One year. :)

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