Monday, October 17, 2016

Oktober chills

Hej hej! Well the church computers weren't working this week so we have 30 minutes at the library woot woot. P-Day was fun last week. We just did some arts and crafts at the church with the elders since it was pouring rain. We made some Thai food too so that was fun. :) We have a happy little missionary family here in Helsingborg.

We had a lot of great lessons this week. Met a lot of new tänkbara undersökare, the yewj. We swungby this family too but they weren't home so we wrote them a note and got godis for dinner. Got some letters from my mama too! Love hearing from her and miss her everyday.

The Beckstrands came down for interviews so it was fun chatting with them. Syster Beckstrand is the best she told us all these funny stories and bought us all muffins and apples. She's like our mom away from home.

I had a really bad headache this week too so that was jobbigt (suckish). Not fun feeling under the weather. A few of us have had been a little sick lately but we keep strong, especially in the cold weather coming! We love the beautiful fall that is upon us. :)

We saw our friend investigator Gabriel at work so that great! He is such a joy and said running into him made his day.

We played soccer this week too with the elders and Daniel and his friend. It was freezing so we bundled up in many layers. It was fun though, Daniel and his friend are pretty skilled. There was a herd of sheep running around too so that was kinda magical. Only in sweden lol. We got pizza after too for dinner and there was a perfectly nice pizza someone left on the table to throw away so Daniel looked around and snatched it when no one was looking haha.

Sunday was good too. We are in the primary program to help sing so we were there for the practice. After church they had a funeral for this man Sven who just died. It was a beautiful service and lots people came. After Sejia Bentgsten invited us over for dinner. :) I told them I knew Tiffany and Robert Davis and she was so excited! She brought out her photoalbum book and showed us all the pictures of them on their mission. :) Soo cute! She told us that they were going to come stop by and say hi to them next summer for a roadtrip. Fun stuff. :) Said maybe I'll come say hi too. Love the Bengtstens so much.

Anywho, this week was good. Sorry this letter is very rushed but pretty much sums it up! Hope you have a great week and ha det såå bra!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

Christmas goodies already! Julmust and pepperkaka

smelling letters from home

doing service.

​Skånish flags

​Godis break

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