Monday, October 10, 2016

Fun in Malmö!

Hallå again! Another wonderful week here in the land of Skåne. :) For P-Day we decided to go to Malmö and play some volleyball with our new zone. Before we arrived to the chapel, Syster Campbell showed us this beautiful pier right by the church! It was breathtaking and so windy. Love life here. Took some fun pictures and then hit up the volleyball courts.

We met with our golden investigators this week as well. Alan, who is just amazing, told us he has been hooked on Mormon Tabernacle Choir and has been listening to it non-stop. :) Så härligt. He says it makes him feel so peaceful. We agreed and listened to 'Consider the Lilies' at the end of our lesson.

We did some contacting this week too. Met a lot of interesting people and starting to pick up on Skånish. ;) You start to love it more and more everyday. We met this sweet lady from Poland who was very interested in meeting again. So fun meeting people from all around the world everyday. We also saw our investigator Gabriel who yelled, 'Surprise!' when we saw him lol. We also had ward council this week too so that was great meeting some new members! It was cinnamon roll day so we had those at the end too. :)

Our little tripan is such a dream. Syster Campbell and Syster Eldridge literally feel like my sisters and we are constantly laughing and joking all the time. :) Love them so much! We swung by this ladies house out in the boonies of Helsingborg and found the cutest little neighborhood som finns! We kept reminiscing on how lucky we are to be here. Sadly the lady wasn't home so we wrote a nice letter in Swedish and hopefully she calls us. :)

We watched the last session on conference this week too! So fun hearing Äldste Redlunds talk about him as a little boy in Göteborg. We appreciated that a lot and Äldste Adcox made us all some german pancakes for dinner so that was nice too.

Zone training was this week too! We got to head down to Malmö again and see so many good friends!! Got to see my favorite McClatchie again so that was fun! We got to listen to Äldste Backman and Frankman's and Syster May and Jackson's training. :) It was about not just 'getting through the mission' but learning to love each day and making our time count while we are here. I loved that and we learned a lot about kärlek too and how it motivates us. How when we love the people, we are showing them Christ's light. Such a great training and we all got some Kebab for lunch after.

We had such a spiritual lesson this week too with Alan. He is so ready to be baptized he just has to quit smoking. We had this strong lesson with him being bold and trying to help him quit. He was like okay how about tomorrow and we said how about now? And at that moment he said, you guys are right, he took out his fresh new package of cigarettes and crushed it and threw it in the trash. We were all so happy and we have been fasting and praying for him and we told him we knew the Lord could help him quit. It was a great stund.

Sunday was toppen. I met the ward and us new missionaries shared our testimonies. The sweet Ocascio family invited us all over for dinner after church. They have the 3 cutest daughters. I love talking to the oldest Alicia about Harry Potter, 21 pilots and so many other things we like in common. :) She is so sweet. We had a yummy swedish dinner and then we watched a little mormon message together. The 2 youngest daughters put on a little play for us too so that was cute. :)

Great week all and all and hope you all had a great one as well. :) Love Helsingborg and can't believe this year is almost over. Feels like I'm in a time-machine, love being a misisonary, the church is true! Till next week.

Syster Davis

Happy Fall! I spy Denmark. :)

​Malmö pier.

​Zone training

​Our poodle friend

​Dinner with the Ocascios. :)

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