Monday, October 3, 2016

Helsingborg Dreamin'!!

Hej hej hej. :) Wow I don't even know where to begin. This week has been quite an eventful one! Transfer week is always exhausting but so adventurous because the next chapter of one's mission is unfolding.

Last P-Day in Stockholm was fun! We had lunch with Kristoffer and he treated us to burgers. Best mission leader. We went to the YSA center after and said some goodbyes and signed some buddy books. Some of the elders brought their guitars and jammed out and sang some songs we requested. We also explored Gamla Stan with our Jakan family one last time together and bid farewell. A few tears were shed but we knew we'd see eachother again someday. :) Gonna miss Stockholm!

Any who TRANSFER DAY. Got all my stuff packed and ready for to long resa (journey)! Thank you to my best friend Syster Matwaychuk for being a pro-packer and folding my endless pile of clothes to fit my suitcases. ;) Love and miss you!

We headed to T-Central and there were tons of missionaries there getting ready for transfers! Fun to see so many old friends there. So happy I wouldn't have to travel alone either! So many of us were heading down to skåne so we had a nice 6 hour train party. So weird to leave but so exciting at the same time. We all kept laughing too at all the great skånish we were hearing on the trains. :)

We finally got to Helsingborg and Syster Campbell and Äldste Richards greeted us. :) (me, Syster Eldridge, and Ä Adcox) It was such a great reunion with Syster Campbell. Our tripan has been the greatest thing ever. The bishop and his family came and picked all of us up at the station and took us to our apartment! They gave us an air mattress too. Such a nice welcoming. Already feels like home here. :)

We got all settled in and have had so many laughs and good times together. We had our first distikt meeting this week also with Äldste Adcox! It was so fun. So happy to have a few of my Stockholm buddies still in my distrikt. :) We made some distrikt goals and played some lära-känna-varandra games. We have a little baby distrikt with Hamstad so it's been fun to get close pretty quick. We agreed we needed to have some real kebab so for lunch we hit up the nearest kebab cafe. It was the best Kebab I've had on my misson.

After our meeting we had a jammed packed day with all these golden investigators and and we asked Syster Campbell where all these amazing people came from?! She was like I don't even know the Lord provides! ;) So great. Some of them came to conference too so that was härligt. We love teaching in our little Tri-pan. We work so well together. :) Syster Campbell has been the best tour-guide too showing us all around Helsingborg too. It doesn't even feel real sometime it is so beautiful. I took a ton of pictures and probably many more to come. I love it here already. :) Perfect time to be here too because all the trees are starting to turn orange. Campbell made me and Eldridge this delectable apple cinnamon pie and we have just been on cloud 9 getting ready for the fall.

We visited this sweet family named the Malmstens as well. :) They invite the missionaries over every week for potatis and korv! (Hot dogs and Potatoes) They are so cute and have the most adorable family. We were asking them about skånish and their son Daniel told us it is like cowboy swedish lol.

GENERAL CONFERENCE was this week too! That was a treat. It seriously feels enhanced when you are a missionary. The talks were just perfect and exactly what I needed to hear. Love watching the sessions live and knowing so much of my friends and family are watching the same thing at the same moment. Uchtdorf's one at womens conference was my favorite. 4th floor, last door. :) Loved it. I loved the one about Helen Keller too and how sometimes we can maybe feel the same when we don't understand or we get frustrated but if we breath, be calm, and listen closely, the spirit will remind us He is always their for us and knows our potential. So great. We had our usual godis and made dinner afterwards with the elders and Daniel. :)

So much more happened this week but it is impossible for me to write all of it. ;) I just can't express how much happiness I've felt down here in the beautiful Helsingborg with my 2 systers just in the past 5 days! Being a tripan has just been so great and I hope we can stay together as long as possible. Love you all and untill next week. Happy Fall!

Syster Davis

​Lunch with Kristoffer!

​New District

Comp study under a blanket, with Harry the happy Harvester.

So many colors!

Photocreds to Syster Eldridge. :)
Helsingborg Lovin'

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