Monday, October 24, 2016

Systers Conference!

Hello! This week was quite eventful. We decided to do a little distrikt shopping party in Väla on monday. It was really fun and we got some bread samples. After we had some dinner at IKEA and then finished the night with some nice trackting. Everything was portcoded but the last door was opened so we got in a complex right before we were about to freeze. :)

This week was very special too because we got to head up to Stockholm for Systers Conference! We took a long 6 hour train up there and stayed with the Stockholm Systers for the night. :) It was fun to be back in Stockholm and fun to see them start putting up the christmas lights!

We arrived at the conference and there were so many reunions it was great. I got to see my trainee Syster Matwaychuk and my little missionary niece Syster Trotter! ;) This mission is just a huge family. We had so many hugs and laughs together. The theme for this one was princesses! Vad gulig lol. It was adorable and like always, Syster Beckstrand went all out. We had different rotations that the senior couple systers put on for us. Each station had a princess theme and they related the princess story to our lifes as daughters of a heavenly father. My favorite was Mulan and how we can be warriors through the hard times. We had a delicious lunch and the assistants were there as our butlers haha. It was such a fun day. Love my syster friends here. :)

The next day we had distikt meeting and the ZLs Ä Backman and Frankman came today. They shared some really cool scriptures with us. I liked the Acts 5:41 one which talked about being persecuted for Christ's name. That's something that has been a huge for me my whole mission. Remembering that scriptures makes me so happy, no matter how much the adversary comes in our way, we'll never stop doing what we're doing. It was fun to talk all together and then we got chinese food after and played 2 truths and a lie.

We went over to Bonnies house this week too! She invited us over for dinner and showed us her huge movie collection. She is such a sweetheart and made us this really yummy swedish cake too. ;)

We got to go on splits with Syster May this week too! We tripan'ed it. Me, May, and Campbell. It was fun to be together and remember all the fun times we had just a year ago. We were missing our favorite Syster Hall though! Weird to see how far we've come and how a year ago we barley knew a lick of Swedish and now we were here teaching the people on the street in it. :) We had some pasta at the Malmstens too again this week. Alltid bra.

On Sunday was the primary program and since there are only 6 kids they asked us sisters missionaries to help sing. Absolut! It was so emotional to sing these songs I remember as a little kid. Us and the elders did a little musical number too to 'Come Thou Fount' in swedish. :) It actually turned out really great and lots of people came up to us after thanking us. It was such a great spirit all day. We met with Alan later in the evening and watched The Restoration movie with him. He had so many great questions and he would pause it throughout and discuss about Joseph Smith and his life and the sacrifices he made for the gospel.

It was such a great week and weird to think next week will be my year mark. Tiden går fort. Älskar att vara här och att vara här varje dag för min frälsare. :) Älska er och vi hörs!

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

​Happy Systers Conference!

​Me and Queen B. :)

​Dining to a nice lunch.

​MTC family. Feat. Äldste Nielson

​Syster Love


​Splits with Syster May. :)

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