Friday, November 20, 2015

Half way through the MTC!!

Hej hej everyone. :) Okay the time here goes so incredibly fast. I can not believe I'm already half way done at the MTC. This week was so greatt! It was our first time we got to do TRC. Aka teach real Swedish LDS members a short spiritual lesson. :) It was so cute! We taught these two elderly ladies first and then this guy named Jon. Their Swedish was sooo good! It was hard to understand but we managed. ;) Another highlight this week (shout out to the cafeteria) was that I had the best the best cheesecake I ever had! Gram Canyon cheesecake!! Me and Syster May died, it was so good. We also are big fans of the cranberry, goat cheese, spinach salad lol. I have been careful not to gain my missionary 50 pounds while here. ;) but it can be hard when they throw all this amazing cheesecake at you! haha. This Sunday was busy too! I taught relief society, district meeting with Syster May, and gave a talk in sacrament meeting! It was definitely one for the books. There is no way I did it all by myself though. 90% of the things I said I had no idea where it came from. It's amazing how much the spirit helps you when your a missionary. ;) Me and Syster May also decided to do choir this week. It was so fun! The choir director is so funny. Most of the people there just come to hear his great stories. ;) He's so inspirational too. A quote he said that I wrote down was, "All the good in the world comes from when someone loves another. All the bad in the world comes from when someone chose to be selfish." I don't know if i perfectly quoted that but it was along the lines of that. :) I loved it. We sang a cool remix of "Have I done any good in the world today." So many feels when singing it! We got some new dutch elders in our zone too this week too. They are so cool!! They always play volleyball with us too. One of them is also from Pirua Peru!! Right where my best friend Kyleigh Pay is serving! He was so happy when I told him I have a friend serving there. He told me to tell her to wear lots of bug spray. :) Another thing that was cool this week was that I started reading the New Testament from the beginning and getting super deep into it. Jesus' sermon on the mount was so incredible it gave my chills. He talked about how we should let our light so shine before men and how we should love our enemies and those who persecute us. No one really persecutes us here in our MTC bubble lol, but as we get to the field, I'm sure that will be different. Sometimes I get worried I won't know what to say. Then I read Matthew 10:16-20 when Jesus is preparing his disciples to go out and teach the people. I got a little teary eyed because I felt the scripture was talking to me personally. I would write it out but I don't have a lot of time so you'll just have to look it up. ;) The scriptures are so true and I love them so much! They are my best friend here.:) (Next to my amazing companion Syster May!) It's weird how much I cry here too. Not because I'm sad or homesick, but because of how much my heart hurts with all the love I feel from the spirit on the daily. I don't deserve any of it either,God is so great. I can't wait to pour that love on the people I meet in Sweden as well. :) I love you all and miss you everyday! Thank you for your prayers and your letters. We still have no word on our visas but I'll keep you posted! Vi ses snart. :) Karlek Syster Davis P.s. Aldste Scott in our district from australia joined our Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liar club lol apparently he watched them before his mission too. We laughed so hard when he told us he loved all those show! I love my zone!!

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