Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy November!!

Wow I can't believe its already P-Day again! Hope you all had a great Halloween I forgot to add that last time. I'm starting to get in the groove of things here. :) My district is seriously my family now and I love them so much. Here at the MTC, the littlest things are so much fun. Like a few days ago we needed to take a "Paus" (swedish for break) and we started throwing pens and tape rolls in the air, and we tried to throw the pens in the Elder's shirt pocket too. ;) It sounds dumb but it was fun haha. I also saw Mark Stapley, Max Flora, and Rio Shepard here too!! It's so great seeing familiar faces. :) My district was playing volleyball with Elder Stapley and they thought he was so good. Gym time is so fun, we meet all these people from around the world and talking about where they are serving. Sunday was such an emotional day too. Our favorite Dutch Elders. Eldste Dearden and Eldste Geeraert were leaving for Belgium the next day! They both gave short farewells testimonies in Dutch. Even though I couldn't understand everything, I could totally feel to spirit so strong. And to top off our Sunday... They let us watch Meet the Mormons for a Sunday movie night!! I was so excited because I've never seen it and I am a huge movie lover so it was fun to sit back and relax and enjoy a movie again after all our hard work! ;) I teared up at the part when the sweet German grandpa dropped candy off out of his plane for the kids in communist Berlin at the time. It reminded me of my mom and my ancestors for some reason. ;) Thank you so much for the DearElders too! My district always makes fun of me because I freak out whenever I get mail. :) It's one of the highlights of my day! Swedish is going well too. Our teachers Brother Cheney and Sister Bass are so awesome. They both served in Sweden so its fun hearing about their stories while we learn. We are all praying our visas go through because the group before us didn't get theirs in time. They told us there are so many middle eastern refugees coming over to Sweden that is it backing up the visa system. Even though it makes it harder for us to get over, I am so excited more refugees are coming over!! :) I would love to met some and hear about their lives. Also share a spiritual message with them and Mormons Bok as well. ;) Our teacher said he learned a little Farsi and Arabic on his mission there so I'm hoping I will too! Then I can understand my Middle Eastern friends when I get home. ;) On Tuesday we had a really great devotional by Hugo Montoya! It was seriously so sweet. He is from Mexico and a part of the quorum of the 70! He talked about his mission in Mexico and how our mission isn't a competition. He said we should never try to compare ourselves to other missionaries. The only person we should compare to imitate is our Lord Jesus Christ. I loved that so much. He also said people always say his name sounds like the guy from Princess Bride. ;) We all had a good laugh out of that. Anyways I wish I had more interesting stories to share with you guys but everyday is pretty much the same. Being here for 2 weeks I can already feel myself growing and learning so many things. It's like a never-ending EFY here. ;) It's so incedible here, but it will be nice to escape the MTC walls and get tillbaka out in the real world (as a missionary of course). Even though my Swedish has a long way to go, I'm ready for whatever the Lord needs me for. :) Hope you are all having a great November! They are starting to put Christmas lights up here and it makes me so happy. Till nästa vecka!! Mycket kärlek, Syster Davis P.S Alma 32:21-22 is great ;) Helped me a lot this week! Vi ses snart :)

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