Thursday, November 5, 2015

First Week at the MTC!!

Hejsan alla! :) Where do I begin. First of all this week has been one of the most overwhelming, exciting, stressful, spiritual, fun, scary, and best weeks ever. :) My mom dropping me off was probably the hardest thing thing I had to do out of everything so good thing I got that over with. That was even harder than teaching someone the gospel all in Swedish, which we had to do our third day here! When I got dropped off I was escorted by this sweet girl named Sister Lowrey who was going to Japan on her mission. She showed me where to get my name tag and showed me to my room. :) After that we had out first class with out district and we all introduced ourselves in Swedish. We laughed the entire time since we had no idea what out teacher was saying. I have only been here 7 days with my district and we are already all best friends! :) Our schedule is so crazy and its go-go-go every second but it helps to not think about home so thats nice. At first I seriously thought about giving up because it was so much and I missed my friends and family so much, but I kept telling myself to get through each day the best I can. The Lord has defienetly helped me with that. After Sunday and our district temple walk I felt so refreshed and knew I was right where I was supposed to be. My companion Syster May and I get along so well too :) I couldn't ask for a more amazing first companion! We also met on Instagram before so its like we already knew each other! The other Swedish Systers ( Syster Hall and Syster Campbell ) are great too. We all bond on the show Gossip Girl and make of funny missionary songs to Fergie. ;) Our zone is so cool too! We have people going to Iceland Norway, Denmark, Holland, and The Netherlands! Its cool because all our languages are kinda similar so we can sorta all understand eachother so thats fun too! We had to teach an investigator in Swedish and its crazy how much the gift of tongues works. I did do something so embarrassing though haha. We were teaching her how to pray so I said "First we fold our arms.." so in swedish I said "Forsta vi vikar våra vapen." After I said that out investigator was like "Vad?!" and I was like huh? oh no what did I do wrong...and she was like, "You said 'First we fold our guns.'" Everyone started laughing so hard haha. I guess it was more funny than embarrassing ;) Anyways I wish I could say a million more things but I don't have a lot of time to write so I just want to end with saying, Jag älskar ni!! Thanks for all the packages and letters and DearElders you send me. They help me so much and they make my day everyday! If I could give any advice to my soon-to-be missionary friends I would say Just get through this first week and never loose faith in the Lord :) You can get through it! Its hard the first few days but I promise it gets better. Also hug your families a lot!! I miss my family every single day and dream every night of when I will get to see them again. But I have to keep telling myself everyday I wake up is one less day I'm in the mission field so I need to enjoy every second of it because it will be over in a blink of an eye. All and all I miss you all so much I wish you the best! Thanks for the prayers and support I love it so much and I can't wait to see what the next 77 weeks of my mission have in store! Hope you all I had a fun Halloween too :) Thanks again! Till next week! Hej då för nu! Kärlek Syster Davis p.s. It sucks being a slow typer!! haha Vi ses snart :)

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