Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Early Thanksgiving :)

Hej igen! :) Hur ar ni? Hope you're all having a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! Wish I could be there for it. ;) This week is pretty exciting though. Tomorrow we have an entire day of service, and devotionals for thanksgiving! Also a general authority is going to come speak to us. :) I hoping for Uchtdorf or Bednar. ;) Can't wait to find out who it is. I'll have to wait for next P-day to tell you who it is. We also have a huge service project too, where we get to make small meals for needy families. :) Thanksgiving is just the best! Jag ar sa taggard!! Another reason this week is exciting is.. we get our travel plans!! :) We are all freaking out a little. We are crossing our fingers we get out visas on time. The Icelandic elders got their travel plans last week and we all went crazy at dinner haha. We're going to miss them so much! They've been here for 9 weeks and leave this Monday! I'll have to send a picture of them next P-day. Oh also! At the MTC they have all these flashback pictures in the halls of people on missions and I found one of Sister Falck on her mission in Brazil! It was so cute to see. I took a screen shot of it so I'll send it. :) Sister Falck was one of my young women leaders growing up and I miss her so much! This week we also got to talk to a RM from Sweden during TRC. It was so fun! Her name was Erin Mod. She got us so pumped for our mission. Can't believe we only have a week and a half left!! :) The time is flying by so fast. This week was Aldste Jamsa's birthday too so we all wrote him a card and sang to him in the Swedish birthday song. It is way better than the American birthday song lol. ;) Also we had chocolate-covered grapes from Aldste Nelson's mom! They sounded weird at first but they are SOOOO GOOD. :) Sunday was fun too, we got to have another movie night. We watched the Joseph Smith Restoration movie. We were excited because Aldste Nelson is actually in it so it was fun looking for him in it. That movie reminds me so much of when I used to watch it in the LA Temple visitors center with my family. Miss them so much! I say this every week but thanks for all the letters and packages :) I am grateful for all the love I get from you guys! The presents and gifts mean so much to me. To all my friends getting ready to head out on your mission, get ready for the best experience ever!! :) I've barely even started my mission but I can't feel myself growing so much already. I'm so excited and anxious to get out there in the actual field. :) There are hard times but that comes with anything in life, eller hur? (right?) ;) Just make the best of it and, "have a blast," as our choir director says. :) Anyways I wish I had some cool experiences to share but its pretty much the same old same old everyday here at the MTC lol. We practice teaching and learn Swedish everyday. Hopefully it will be more interesting once I leave haha! To close, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!! :) make sure to eat lots of stuffing and turkey for me and remember to be thankful for everyday! I'm so thankful for my mission and my family and my friends and this entire gospel and most importantly my Savior. :) I love you all so much and wish you all a splendid holiday! Love, Syster Davis P.S. Our teacher Sister Bass said she went to an ABBA museum in Stockholm on P-day so I'm definitely looking out for that. :) Bye for now!

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