Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving!! Last week at the MTC!

Well this is it. My last letter here at the MTC. :) Last P-day Äldste Bentson and Äldste Hadley ran down to our resident to us telling us we got our flight plans!! We leave Dec 7 at 3:30 in the morning and we are all so pumped! We are praying everything goes smoothly. The next time I write home I'll be out in the field! :) We are counting down the days! Anyways this past week was soooo fun. Thanksgiving was a blast. Our district all got up super early and waited out in line in the freezing cold to get good seats for the apostle devotional. We all practiced our Swedish together while we waited and the Russian elders sang us some Russian Hymns. It reminded me of waiting in line for a concert lol. It was a party. ;) After an hour or so they finally let us in and the apostle was...(drum roll) Dallin H. Oaks!! Me and Äldste Nielson made a bet who it was going to be. I guessed Utchdorf or Bednar and he guessed Holland or Monson. Who ever lost was going to have to stand during the opening song. Luckily none of us had too. ;) Anyways the devotional was so perfect. Elder Oaks had his whole family come and play different musical numbers. His famous violinist daughter Jenny Oaks Baker came too! She was incredible. Elder Oaks' talk was great too. It was about the spirit of thanksgiving and cool quotes from the founding fathers. It set the mood for the rest of Thanksgiving so perfectly. :) After that we all chilled in our class for an hour or so and talked about what we liked in the meeting and watched a few Mormon Messages and stuff (Our source of entertainment here haha.) Then it was time for THANKSGIVING DINNER. Best meal at the MTC so far. They had everything. :) And the mashed potatoes were actually real! It was so fun celebrating this holiday with all my missionary friends. I was worried I was going to be homesick during the day but I weirdly wasn't at all! (Still miss you family haha). It was such a blessing to feel right at home during this day. After that we all recuperated from our meal by watching a movie!! :) We got to watch 17 Miracles. Dang that movie is a tear-jerker. I cried through the whole thing. It was about the pioneers moving west and all these trials they endured so the gospel and themselves, could survive. I am so grateful for their sacrifice and it set the mood for thanksgiving even higher! After watching it I felt like I should never complain about anything again. My life is so easy compared to theirs. Loved every minute of it and I recommend it to anyone. After that we got to do this service project! It was fun. We organized 357,000 meals for needy families. We had an assembly line and my job was the weight the baggies and add or take away rice so it was a perfect measure. :) It was fun we all laughed and joked while doing it and made friends with the French elders who were helping us. After that we got to go outside and enjoy all the Christmas lights they put outside. It was so beautiful and snowing at the same time! Me, Syster May, Äldste Johnson and Äldste Nielson were trying to take some cool jumping pictures with the lights. It was a fail. ;) We had one last devotional until we went to bed. I can honestly say that this was one of the best Thanksgivings ever. After our holiday we got back to the normal grind. ;) Even after just one day of not speaking Swedish, me and Syster May were a bit rusty in our lessons haha. We butchered a few but quickly made a comeback! Sunday was fun too. President Parkes gave a talk about the Polar Express and he related hearing the bell the feeling the spirit. I lost it during his talk. Such a great talk and it made me feel the Christmas spirit. :) We all did our usual temple walk on Sunday too and it was our last day with the Icelandic Elders and Syster Ogaard (Who left for Denmark last Monday). We took heaps of pictures. We also woke up the next day at 3:00am to help her take her stuff to the travel office! Miss her so much already! But yeah, the past few days have been so busy and awesome! Swedish is going so well, teaching is going so well, and packing is getting there lol. We're making our last days here count and working hard. :) I'm so grateful to be here and have loved it so much. The MTC is great! The gospel is great! and all of you are great! Thanks for the letters and packages. :) I won't be at the MTC anymore so you can send them to the new address if you so desire. ;) I wish you all the best holiday season!! and can't wait to update you all next week when i'm hopefully in Sweden!! Till nästa tid. :) Kärlek Syster Davis P.S. Äldste Scott from Australia wrote down a list of all the Australian lingo so I've been using it now and then. ;) My favorite is "Crikey" and "Heaps." Lol. Hej Då för ny! Vi ses senare. :)

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