Saturday, December 26, 2015


Okay so there is like a whole week of Christmas here not just one day so I'm going to morph all the days together. ;) I alla fall, this week has been crazy and awesome. The Swedes really do know how to celebrate Christmas. :) We went to so many homes this week and had so much amazing food. I also finally had PERSIAN food! Jätta bra! Best day ever. We also had amazing Swedish food, like glögg and julmust, and salmon, and meatballs, and pepparkaka. :) For our christmas present we got to watch Tangled in Swedish and Polar Express. Such a treat. Me and this sweet member named Celine were fancying over Flynn Rider lol. We also took a family district photo with all our ugly christmas sweaters and went sledding with the little kids. It was the steepest hill I have ever seen and they kept crashing into trees! They would just laugh and go again haha. This little girl named Sorra thought it was so funny that I could not understand what she was saying (she spoke fluent Swedish lol). I kept saying, Jag kan inte förstår dig! (I can't understand you) And she was like Jag kan inte engelska! (I can't speak english!) and would laugh so hard. My swedish needs some work lol. Anyways, the people here are the sweetest and they made us feel right at home. We played a ton of games too and had so many laughs. I got to skype my family too which was a highlight as well! :) It felt like I was at home again. It was probably the best present of the whole day to see them. :) Being here for the holidays is such a blessing and an adventure. Even though I am far from home I am loving it here!! This place starts to feel like home each and everyday. I hope you all had a great Jul (Christmas) and a Happy New Year! Kärlek Syster Davis :)

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