Monday, December 21, 2015

Northern Lights! Christmas Conference!

Merry Christmas alla! Hope you're having a great winter break. This week was very busy and fun. We got to go down to Stockholm for Christmas Conference. :) It was our P-Day when we got there so we explored all around the city and toured the area. There were lights and people everywhere! It reminded me kinda like what New York City would be like. Being here during Christmas is such a dream and it is absolutely beautiful. Maybe I'll get to serve there someday. :) I also ran into some of my MTC Friends too!! Äldste Moultron, Äldste Bentson, Syster May, Syster Campbell, and Syster Svensson. It was so great seeing them. I miss my whole MTC posse so much! We also sang Christmas carols on the streets of Stockholm and passed out Pepparkaka. :) It was so great. We stayed with the Täby systers for the night and then had Jul Conference the next day. The Beckstrands and the assistants put on this amazing meeting for us. It was about different Christ-like attributes. Äldste Sahlin talked about the fishermen who dropped their nets and came unto Christ. He talked about how sometimes we are like those fishermen, and sometimes we need to drop those nets, and just drop those things that are holding us back from coming closer to Christ. I loved that. After the meeting we had a delicious lunch and had a white elephant exchange! I got reindeer head magnet and Sys Brink got these two Star Wars Masks and Vitamin D lol. After that we had a long train ride back to Sundsvall and told stories on the way. It looked like the movie Brother Bear outside for some reason to me too haha. Anyways It's been pretty same-old same-old since being back. We taught the 2 great Iranian guys the Plan of Salvation and they loved it! They said that for some reason that it sounded familiar to them, like they've heard it somewhere before. :) They are GOLDEN! They came to church again too and have baptism dates for January. They are the best! We went Christmas caroling this week too with the young men and young women too. The Swedes are so sweet. :) It was so fun! Also me and Syster Brink have been obsessed with these 90s seminary gospel library videos we found. We watch them during dinner sometimes and laugh so hard. I'm pretty sure Brother Stowe (my seminary teacher) showed us a few of these during class once. The background music in them is prime too lol. This week too while we were contacting this drunk guy told us this whole story about a monster living in his basement and he even acted it out for us haha. At the end he was like, 'Grup Kram!!' (group hug!) and grabbed us in a hug. It was interesting haha. Highlight of the entire week though...We saw the Northern lights!! :) Something I can check off my bucket list. ;) We opened our huge back window, popped some popcorn, and just watched. It seriously was unreal. My pictures don't do it much justice. I was talking to Sys Brink about how much the stars and the night sky strengthen my testimony. :) And after seeing the Norrsken it just escalated even more! I love Sweden. I love being a missionary. I love my family (whom I miss dearly), I love helping others gain their own testimony (even if its just a small seed planted), and I LOVE this gospel! Thanks for everything everyone, and until next time. :) God Jul!

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